Mechanical engineering and mining patents

Mechanical engineering, mining and processing inventions have been with us since the industrial revolution and create incremental and sometimes revolutionary changes to our standard of living, industrial capability and resource availability. As reported in the 2017 study by IP Australia on Australian patent filings, mechanical engineering was the second most popular industry, following the electrical sector, for patent filings. Small and medium enterprises were the key applicants for mechanical engineering patents.

What mechanical systems are patentable?

So long as your mechanical apparatus or process invention defines at least one new and inventive feature with functional utility, it will be patentable in any country around the world. Any apparatus having a new combination of features that have not been put together before, or any process that includes a series of steps never done together; and which offer benefits or advantages that have not been possible before, could be patentable.

Benefits and challenges of filing mechanical engineering patents

Mechanical engineering patents can be used to prevent competitors from commercialising an invention in the country where the patent is granted. A patent typically gives the patentee the sole right to make, use, exercise, sell, offer for sale, or import the protected invention.

In addition, patent rights can be sold or licensed for use like property. Licensing can be negotiated by industry, time, regions, parties or the like.

Typically, the real value of patent becomes important once a market has been established for the invention.

The existence of a patent or patent application can be important when attempting to secure financing from investors.

For this reason, using a patent attorney that has a relevant technical background, and understands the meaning or industrial context of your invention, is indispensable in ensuring that the broadest scope of protection is applied for and to ensure that your competitors cannot design around the scope of protection of the patent.

Examples of granted mechanical engineering patents and mining patent applications

Automotive engineering
AU Patent # 2018101440
Automotive electronic switching system

Auto Electrical Imports Pty. Ltd.

Aeronautical systems
AU Patent # 2013257653
An industrial plant and method for the production of an industrial product, in particular an aeronautical component or system

Alenia Aermacchi S.p.A.

Mechanical devices
AU Patent # 2017202623
Mechanical locking system for building panels

Välinge Innovation AB

Mining equipment and systems
AU Patent # 2019100237
A two-wing drill bit for mining

Da Gama Industries Pty Ltd

Commercial food service equipment
AU Patent # 2016208383
Methods and equipment for cutting food products

Urschel Laboratories, Inc.

Heavy engineering vehicles and equipment
AU Patent # 2009341904
Water desalination equipment and cleaning method for water desalination equipment

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering, Ltd

Logistics, materials handling and packaging
AU Patent # 2018100294
A Type of Logistics Courier Box

Shenzhen Kangaroo community cross-border e-commerce Co., Ltd

Manufacturing machinery and processes
AU Patent # 2013286810
Pallet wrapping machinery

Integrated Packaging Australia Pty Ltd

Machine tools
AU Patent # 2017202130
Wellbore servicing tools, systems and methods utilizing downhole wireless switches

Halliburton Energy Services, Inc

Pumps, turbines and engines
AU Patent # 2017213444
Centrifugal pump

Grundfos Holding A/S

Agricultural equipment
AU Patent # 2014244417
Apparatus for reconfiguring spray equipment, and method

Agricultural Magnetics, Ltd

Recycling processes and equipment
AU Patent # 2016257136
Continuous recycling of wash water with flocculation device and process

Unilever PLC

Dispensing systems and devices
AU Patent # 2018202045
Device for storage, mixing and dispensing of a bone cement, and pertinent method

Heraeus Medical GmbH

Safety products and systems
AU Patent # 2015203185
Safety systems for power equipment

SawStop Holding LLC

Weapons systems
AU Patent # 2015359242
Directed fragmentation weapon

Oy Forcit AB

Clean technology
AU Patent # 2011215148
Local clean zone forming apparatus

Koken Ltd