Warren Chandler - Senior Associate, Patent & Trade Mark Attorney

“I care about people and their business goals, and my modus operandum has always been to put client service and quality first. I always look to make recommendations that are practical, commercially strategic, and that add value. My reward is seeing a raft of listed and private companies whose businesses have significantly increased in value as a result of my assistance.”

Warren ChandlerSenior Associate, Patent & Trade Mark Attorney


Warren has worked in the IP field since 1998, registering as a trade mark attorney in 2000 and a patent attorney in 2002. His innate attention to detail and tenacious attitude can be seen in his comprehensive assessments of clients’ commercial IP strategies and is something that delivers literal and measurable results. Several Australian companies that Warren has advised from start-up stage have now emerged as large, well-known commercial enterprises with strong IP assets. A particular highlight of Warren’s career was when he was successful in a patent opposition matter for a pharmaceutical company against a multi-national, following which the multi-national acquired the client’s business due to the strength of its IP. Warren’s focus is on advising domestic and international clients in the pharmaceutical industry, including manufacturers of both human and veterinary treatments, as well as a number of mechanical engineering firms. He also regularly instructs international associates to file on behalf of clients overseas, drafting the technical and legal submissions himself. Warren has established himself as the trusted advisor to a core group of key clients who turn to him for all their IP needs. He prides himself on not only providing clients with a strategy for the protection of their IP, but also the reasoning behind his advice, which is tailored to each individual client and matter. A registered trade mark attorney as well as a patent attorney, Warren has seen his trade mark opposition practice grow in recent years and has been instructed on a number of disputes, working alongside Counsel in asserting clients’ rights against other industry players. Warren’s clients benefit from his more than 20 years’ experience as a patent attorney in chemical engineering, including eight years as a Patents Examiner at IP Australia and a seven-year tenure at the CSIRO, during which he worked across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including fields as diverse as radical polymerisation of diallylamine monomers (at the division of applied organic chemistry) to chemical engineering, and controlled release of veterinary pharmaceuticals (at the division of Animal Production). After more than 30 years in IP, Warren has established himself as an expert in mastering a scientific approach to IP strategy, which has earned him respect amongst both clients and colleagues.

Attorney Snapshot

  • More than 20 years’ experience as a patent and trade mark attorney
  • Extensive patent oppositions and litigation experience
  • Chemical engineering patent attorney specialist
  • Patents Examiner at IP Australia for eight years in the fields of applied chemistry and pharmaceuticals

Patent Technical Areas

• Agri Tech
• Construction
• Manufacturing
• Mechanical
• Mining
• Biochemistry
• Chemistry
• Medical Devices
• Pharmaceuticals
• Vet Science
Other Industries
• Cosmetics
• Entertainment
• Food & Bev

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