Living Our Values

We care

At the heart of Baxter IP is a group of people who really care about innovators, whether mum and dad entrepreneurs or the in-house teams of multinationals, and who are motivated to give back to the community.

We give back

In 2018, Baxter IP will establish its first scholarship at a major Australian University to cover the student fees of an engineering student who comes from an underprivileged background. For us, this is a modest but important start in giving back to the community and more generally to STEM education in Australia.

We continue a philanthropic legacy

64 years ago, John Percy Hamilton Baxter, Chris’ great-grandfather showed how one can use their innovative skills in business enterprise to develop wealth and, in turn, help people in need. The Percy Baxter Charitable Trust which he established is now one of the largest Philanthropic Charitable Trusts in Australia. Chris is closely involved in advising the Trust across investments and distributions on a voluntary basis.

We innovate

Historically, many family foundations give to causes that resonate with them, that have some intersection with the life experience of the trustees or where the family knows people involved in the charitable organisation. This was certainly true for the Baxter Charitable Trusts and these are of course all good reasons to give. However, since 2017 and under Chris’ and his brother Richard’s initiative, the Baxter family started taking what might be described as a more innovative, data-driven approach. This now provides the family with a second layer of information to help the family assess the social impact of distribution decisions.