Our Sydney and Melbourne patent and trademark attorney teams

Our Sydney and Melbourne patent attorneys are industry specialists

Working with an industry specialist patent attorney can make a huge difference to the quality and efficiency of the patent attorney work performed for you. Baxter IP’s industry specialist patent attorneys, based at its Sydney and Melbourne offices, are on standby to assist you with protecting your project. Being industry specialists:

  1. Your patent attorney will understand your new idea and its technical and commercial context more quickly.
  2. Potential points of patentability, including novelty and inventiveness, can be identified more easily by your patent attorney.
  3. Using their industry knowledge, your patent attorney will be able to identify how a competitor might attempt to circumvent your patent claims more easily and so work toward defending against this.
  4. Your patent attorney will be able to extend the scope of your patent application with logical variations to the patent design.
  5. Our patent attorney firm may be able to provide you with some general commercial advice or contacts in your industry.

Our Melbourne and Sydney patent attorneys are here to help you achieve your commercial goals, not to sell non-commercial patent attorney services

  • With experience at some of Australia’s most well known R&D companies, such as ResMed, and organisations, such as CSIRO to reputable patent attorney firms in Sydney and Melbourne, our team has the experience your project needs. We have a comprehensive perspective on your intellectual property.
  • We are a winning team: Baxter IP Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys have been consistently awarded. In addition, we were awarded with a Net Promoter Score of 77 in 2021, which is markedly higher than the industry average for law firms of -22. This NPS score shows the willingness of our clients to recommend our services. These accolades reflect the high regard peers in the profession have for us and the high level of trust clients have in us.
Innovate Boldly. Protect Strategically.
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Innovate Boldly. Protect Strategically.

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