Hightech Expertise

Baxter IP provides specialized IP services to high tech innovators across computing, communications, clean energy, defense, and emerging technology sectors. Our attorneys have worked with startups, research institutions, and global tech leaders to secure robust intellectual property protection.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our experience in working with high tech clients covers the following technology areas:

  • Semiconductors
  • Computer Hardware
  • Networking & Data Communications
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Quantum Computing
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Aerospace Systems
  • Sustainable Energy

Our attorneys understand the complex technologies powering innovation across the hightech landscape. We’ve guided clients ranging from university spinouts to multinational corporations.

Our Hightech Attorneys

With advanced technical credentials in areas like computer science, physics and electrical engineering, our attorneys insightfully guide hightech innovators - from startups to global tech leaders - to secure intellectual property rights internationally.

We have extensive across:

Artificial Intelligence

  • Handling patentability and enablement issues related to neural networks, computer vision systems and natural language processing
  • Advising clients on data and model ownership issues arising from collaborative development projects

Quantum Computing

  • Securing IP protection for novel quantum algorithms, quantum error correction techniques and qubit processor architectures
  • Conducting competitive landscape analysis to inform R&D decisions around emerging quantum applications

Robotics & Automation

  • Drafting claims focused on overall system functionality rather than being limited to specific hardware implementations
  • Evaluating regulatory considerations to align IP strategy

Networking & Data Communications

  • Achieving broad geographic coverage for networking and telecom innovations
  • Overcoming patent eligibility challenges around data transmission protocols


  • Managing international filings to achieve broad geographic coverage
  • Leveraging enablement standards flexibly to expand claim scope
  • Advising on open-source licensing issues
  • Aerospace Systems

    • Advising on IP issues related to collaborative defense projects
    • Negotiating IP ownership, licensing issues for joint technology developments

    At Baxter IP, we recognise that hightech IP demands a global, commercially-focused approach right from ideation. Our strategic guidance helps clients achieve the coverage they need to fuel innovation pipelines and pursue licensing deals with confidence. With experience handling portfolios from priority filing through to validated grants internationally, then disputes when they arise, we partner with you for end-to-end protection.

    The Baxter IP Difference

    Our strategic approach to protecting hightech IP includes:

    1. Early filing to establish priority dates
    2. Identify the crux of the invention: Cover the concept behind the ideas, not just specific implementations.
    3. Identify multiple inventions: Viewing the one product from different angles can often lead to being able to define multiple inventions. This can (1) help protect future research and development, (2) create IP asset value, (3) reduce the risk of invalidity of your application, (4) better capture arising infringement.
    4. Brainstorm and then file again: Once your initial patent application has been filed, meet with a group of creative and commercial employees together with your patent attorney and see if you can (1) find ways to broaden your claims, (2) develop new embodiments of your invention, (3) define ideas in different ways in the claims to create new independent claim sets, (4) think how a competitor might replicate your idea in a less preferable way but in such a way as to avoid infringement of your claims.
    5. Focus protection on commercial advantages: The wording of the claims should be broad enough to protect the commercial advantages of the invention, and not just the particular apparatus or software.
    6. Targeting the arrow: In addition to protecting your new ideas, IP protection can be targeted at hindering competitor product development by filing patents or registered designs around likely future versions of their product line.

    We recognise that intellectual property is a vital strategic asset for innovative high tech firms. Contact our patent attorneys to discuss the best approach to protecting your innovations.

    Trusted by

    Baxter IP possesses in-depth expertise drafting and prosecuting patent applications both in Australia and key foreign jurisdictions like the US and Europe to achieve the broadest coverage possible for complex engineering and medical innovations. Our specialized technical background enables us to secure strong protection even in the face of substantive objections.

    "We are able to help our clients in identifying and explaining the substantial benefits of the key differences offered by their invention, and help them to fence their market off through the patent protection." - Chris Baxter

    We service a global client base ranging from startups to multinational corporations and our attorneys continue to push the envelope in strategic patent drafting and prosecution as described by one client: "With the ability to understand complex concepts and translate that innovation into protected IP rights, Baxter IP helps inventors and companies safeguard their market position." Our strategic approach includes early priority date filing, identifying multiple patentable inventions within a product, drafting claims focused on hindering competitors, and targeting high-value revenue streams. We recognize that intellectual property is a vital strategic asset especially for innovative engineering and medical technology companies. With a demonstrated history of securing comprehensive patent coverage and enabling commercial protection, even for highly complex innovations, clients can trust Baxter IP to leverage both legal and technical excellence.

    Sharing Knowledge, Cultivating Expertise

    At Baxter IP, we believe actively participating in ongoing education is essential for IP attorneys, staff, foreign associates, and clients alike to stay on top IP issues and procedures. Our structured training curriculum keeps our IP attorneys abreast of most recent developments through "rethink" meetings analyzing new case law, disputes workshops, and external development courses. We also prepare technical assistants, administrators, and other firm staff through weekly and quarterly training sessions tailored to their roles.

    Additionally, Baxter IP provides regular educational programming to share updates and best practices with foreign associate firms across the globe. Keeping our international network informed on the latest Australian IP regulations allows us to excel in serving global clients. The firm also opens its doors to clients through lunch-and-learn presentations and workshops aimed at demystifying key challenges like patent drafting or IP strategy. Clients walk away better positioned to make decisions aligned with their business objectives. This focus on knowledge sharing ensures expertise permeates every level of our firm so we can continue delivering outstanding service to local and international innovators.

    At Baxter IP, we believe supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and IP professionals is imperative to foster ongoing innovation. That's why we formed extensive partnerships with incubators and entrepreneurial programs across Australian universities.

    Our IP attorneys actively mentor students in early-stage startups, providing pro bono IP guidance and coaching founders on protecting intellectual property even with limited resources. We work closely with standout initiatives like the University of New South Wales Founders Program and The Macquarie University Deep Tech Incubator.

    In addition to hands-on mentorship, Baxter IP supports Australian student entrepreneurs through monetary grants and awards. Our annual Baxter IP Scholarship provides $1000 USD directly to a college or graduate student pursuing forward-thinking research in science and engineering. Baxter IP also donated to help fund the launch of UNSW's Entrepreneurial HDR initiative to equip PhD candidates with skills to commercialize research.

    By sharing IP expertise and investing financially in the next wave of young founders, we believe Baxter IP promotes transformative technology and research that will shape the future while training entrepreneurs to properly leverage intellectual property in their ventures. Our commitment to emerging innovators pushes advancements on campus from lab to market.

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