Martin Earley
Director, Victoria Region Manager
Patent & Trade Marks Attorney

Meet Martin Earley
Director, Victoria Region Manager Patent & Trade Marks Attorney

"To me, getting on board early in the piece is advantageous because my range of experience as an IP attorney in both contentious patent and trademark issues allows us to determine the approach most likely to maximise benefits to the client. Positive outcomes for our clients are what matter most to me."

Martin Earley - Director, Victoria Region Manager Patent & Trade Marks Attorney

If you have a worthwhile or exciting innovation, patent attorney Martin Earley may be the catalyst that drives you towards successful IP protection and patent commercialisation. He has an equal passion for ideas and problem solving, and believes in sharing every step of each client’s journey in order to maximise the chances of success on a personal and commercial level.

Knowing patent law is one thing; applying it to your commercial advantage is quite another. To get the most out of your invention you need to work with a patent attorney who has both a keen eye for detail and an intimate understanding of the subject. Martin’s detailed strategies for applying a commercial slant to patent protection in the areas of ICT, physics, nanotechnology and engineering innovations allow him to cut through complexity.

Martin started his career as an examiner at IP Australia (the Australian Patent Office). His expertise spans technologies as diverse as medical and mechanical devices, consumer goods, information technology, telecommunication, physics and nanotechnology. His talent for detailed conceptual analysis and practical commercial advice delivers ongoing value for all his clients.

Martin is active both domestically and overseas, and regularly attends international patent attorney conferences to maintain his strong links with foreign patent attorneys. He was recognised as an IPLuminary in IPWorld publications in 2007/8.

He has also built a reputation as ‘a man of the people’ and frequently presents at inventor and university groups on patent law and patent commercialisation.

Attorney Snapshot

  • Loves being “on board” with your project
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Physics
  • Former Examiner at IP Australia
  • Over 25 years experience in Patents
  • IPLuminary in IPWorld publications in 2007/8
  • Fellow, Institute of Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia
  • Member, AIPPI, IPSANZ and AIPLA
  • Member IEEE, AIP
  • Physics patent attorney specialist

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