It was my first time entering into the complex world of inventing. I made a phone call to Martin Earley at Baxter IP Patent Attorneys in Melbourne. Martin understood my complex invention very quickly. I was very impressed by how he could understand my invention in just one short phone call. He explained the step-by-step processes and actions I needed to take. Then after a few face-to-face meetings with Martin, I was armed with detailed drawings and a broad detailed description of my invention . Martin has been able to put it all together into a strong and robust provisional patent application. He has not left a rock unturned in his attention to detail. Baxter IP really has only the best patent attorneys working for them . I’d highly recommend that anyone thinking of inventing, call Baxter IP and speak to one of their patent attorneys. I sincerely believe if you want quality, well you pay for what you get.”

Robert Frost

I would like to thank Baxter IP for their outstanding work in preparing my patent application. They delivered high quality service and explained the patenting process and what was required in a very easy, simple and thorough manner. I highly recommend Baxter IP to anyone who wants an excellent, professional and quality patent application, Thank you Baxter IP.”

Kevin Hiltunen

Very happy with the service and the positive feedback and support provided by Martin especially the fact that Martin is able to be contacted outside of office hours. The detail in the specifications is amazing and without Martins efforts I could never adequately describe the device. I was extremely happy with the interpretation Martin was able to grasp with a few photos and a description over the phone he has described the function exactly as I would.”

Graham Stephens

Thanks to Dr Phillip Burns for handling my patent application efficiently. I’m impressed by the entire reliable process, specifically the turn around times. I look forward to continue to work with you.”

Javeeth M S

Found your staff helpful and efficient. Would recommend you to my friends.”

Todd Archer from Archer Innovation

I had an idea and called Baxter IP and they put me onto Warren Chandler, I could not have asked for a better introduction to patenting a product. I found Warren to be very helpful, understanding, and precise. He made the information he gave me easy to understand considering how complicated these processes are. I had no idea what to do or how to do it but Warren walked me through every process and made the decisions so easy. We have now filed for a provisional patent and will look forward to taking our idea internationally with the help of Baxter IP.”

Val Carniato

Although patenting your invention gives you the sole rights to your design, preventing others from making, using, or selling the invention, the process is often very lengthy and requires attention to even the minute details in order to get rid of any ‘loop-holes’. However Baxter IP made this process much, much easier providing a safe and friendly working environment. Nicholas and John ensured that patent fit every specification of the invention and thought through every little detail. The Baxter IP team provided a flexible and safe working environment where you are their first priority and unlike other firms, work very closely with their client. The service is efficient and reliable and they search through masses of international and national patents to make sure your invention cannot and will not be copied by others. I give my highest recommendation to Baxter IP for the diligent service ultimately providing me with a secure patent and putting my mind at ease.”

Ranjith Obeyesekera PhD, Director of Engineering Development, K-HART international Pty. Ltd.

Having tried to register my patent I took advantage of Baxter IP’s fee consultation where it immediately became apparent I had filed the wrong patent application, which Baxter IP immediately remedied. I highly recommend that anyone looking for patent protection should similarly contact Baxter IP; I’m happy I did.”

Nassir Fakhouri, Dental Floss Dispenser

We are really happy with your services and thank you again. I will highly recommend you in the future.”

Card & Vase