Clients share their thoughts on our patent & trade mark attorneys

When I first spoke with Paul Goodall regarding my idea, I knew I was in good hands. He explains the process quite well and he is very patient in answering all of my queries. He replies to my emails or calls promptly. He is not someone who charges you every time you talk to him or send you an email. He provides legitimate services and he is very professional in every angle. His sound advice is not to earn money but to further protect your idea. He will let you know if the process is not worth spending your money on to keep your costs down. He is not there to take your money but to see you succeed.

Thank you so much, Paul, for your all help and support and for being very patient with me. Always remember that Baxter IP and especially you are a big part of Koala Grippers’ journey. Thank you!

Koala Grippers

I am direct and sometimes accused of being blunt, so here it is. Apart from having a father and other friends and family who have been and are in the legal profession, my personal experience dealing with solicitors has been limited in my life to dealing with matters of family law. I have been completely disappointed and underwhelmed by the way in which they have not been open with me as a client. Unfortunately, the family law experience has been much like dealing with real estate agents. You just never know if they are actually on your side.

In sharp contrast, dealing with Baxter IP has been nothing but a pleasure. They have been only too willing with their time and advice and have been completely transparent and honest about potential outcomes and scenarios, positive and negative, whilst ensuring we had the full picture. An absolutely great experience for us as we register our first patent and trade mark. I would highly recommend Baxter IP to anybody who is seeking the utmost professional advice and support in this area of the law.

Damien Pound

A prompt and professional experience, thanks again Martin, Warren and the team at Baxter IP!

Elie Zoghaib

In my career as an industrial designer, entrepreneur and engineer, I have had the opportunity to work with many experts in the field of intellectual property. Many attorneys are trained to write and file patents and/or trade marks, however you eventually realise that the real value in a patent or a trade mark lies in what you can do with it; which requires strategic thoughts borne out of a comprehensive understanding of you and your invention, along with clear communication when disseminating known and unknown information. This is where I have found Baxter IP, in particular Naleesha Niranjan, an exception. Rather than simply treating a patent in isolation, Naleesha worked with me to understand what I hope to achieve with it, and provided insights on how to realise its fullest potential. In a crowded world of IP attorneys who simply execute, Naleesha stood out as someone who not only demonstrated exceptional legal ability and technical understanding, but was able to clearly communicate creative insights which will serve as inspiration for future product development.

Patrick B

Thank you Naleesha for all of your help with my patent and trade mark. You have been absolutely wonderful and went above and beyond. I would absolutely recommend your services to anyone that needs to protect their design both in Australia and overseas. Thank you again.

Casey Holdsworth

Naleesha from Baxter IP clearly outlined the patent process and the options available to me. Her attention to detail throughout the consultation process gave me confidence that my IP would be expertly protected.

Aaron Pipkorn

It was awesome working with you guys. thanks for all the help!!

Dilpreet Bhatia

High quality service! Isabelle helped me to have the trade mark registered and provided follow up services as well. Well done, thank you guys! Highly recommend!

iCake Le Reve Cafe

Great to deal with from start to finish of Patent application.Very thorough in ensuring all aspects covered. Thanks, Trevor.

Trevor Jones