Clients share their thoughts on our patent & trade mark attorneys

It was a pleasant time to see Dr. Qi Zhang, the attorney at Baxter IP, Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys in his office a few years ago. I should say he is a kind and very professional attorney in dealing with cases in IP: Patent & Trade Mark field. He and his team are helpful and reliable. Thank Qi Zhang and his team.

Not only did they do a great job. The price was reasonable and the staff actually cared and followed up. As a customer, every call was answered. Mike Biago was professional and effective. Highly recommended to anyone needing this type of service..

Great guys! The price may be a bit high, but always willing to offer FREE Discussion Events..

I consulted with Mike Biagio: he guided me through the whole process really well and the next steps I need to get my invention and idea patentable. Thanks! I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to fully understand the patent process & the bottlenecks that need changing to get their product or invention to the market with a patent..

Seán was extremely diligent, responsive and enthusiastic. We worked together very well in terms of attempting to navigate a fairly complex and abstract scientific provisional. He was more than happy to put in the extra hard work to understand complicated topics, as well as refine the provisional such that it met an excellent scientific standard..

Seán Klinkradt is an incredible patent lawyer. The professionalism, the speed of service, the detail, along with the exceptional drafting of the patent requested was just above and beyond! I would highly highly recommend BaxterIP to anyone seeking incredible work! Thank you for working with myself and the NewWaveAg Team, (we) will always return here to have any IP work completed..

Jarrod was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend Jarrod for any IP/trademarking needs!!.

Seán Klinkradt is an incredible patent lawyer. The professionalism, the speed of service, the detail, along with the exceptional drafting of the patent requested was just above and beyond! I would highly highly recommend BaxterIP to anyone seeking incredible work! Thank you for working with myself and the NewWaveAg Team, (we) will always return here to have any IP work completed..

I must say that the experience that we had with Baxter IP has been outstanding. We found in particular Mr. Sean Klinkradt very professional, available to talk to and very generous with his time to explain the process very thoroughly. I strongly recommend this team and wish them all the best..

Love their service, very professional and responsive. Strongly recommended if you are looking for any IP service in Australia..

Joanne is very professional and helpful. Highly recommended..

Exceptional expertise in trademark and fantastic result received! Have been working with Baxter IP for quite a few months (due to the length trademark dispute process) and it has been a pleasant journey even under the high stress of the dispute. Always on time, responsive, patient, professional, knowledgeable and truly work for the clients. The final outcome is terrific and the team has helped my company won the dispute. Best wishes to the company which is like a rare gem!.

After dealing with few useless law firms and lawyers I almost lost the trust with these so called law firms until I found Samantha Waldon at Baxter IP. Professional, reliable and most importantly knowledgeable. Highly recommended Sam and her team for anyone dealing with complicated IP matters..

I was impressed by the level of service and am grateful for the advice received. IP matters..

Very professional service! We were suitably impressed with Mike's knowledge and ability to interpret our questions relating to the patent we enquired about. Great work, team! Fast response!.

Really professional and efficient service, Joanne helped me through every aspect of my business' trademarking needs!!.

Joanne and her team members; Martin, Warren and Nikki are amazing people to work with. I and my company are highly impressed with their professional service. I recommend people to consult them if you are seeking IP/Trademark related services. You will be pleased..

Very responsive and experienced. Excellent service..

Very responsive and experienced. Excellent service..

Martin Earley was responsive, lovely to deal with and smart. Highly recommended. (Edit) Another year on and the service is still excellent. Smart passionate people make the patenting process much more engaging and enjoyable. Thanks so much for the support so far!.

I am very grateful for all the work Naleesha has done on my provisional patent application and PCT draft. Chris has also provided valuable advice throughout this process. Thanks Baxter IP!.

Dear Warren,
When the first time I called you up and had a chat over the phone, I knew that I was dealing with the right person to file my patent application. You have proven me correct.
You have always been cooperative and attended to all the relevant issues professionally to provide me with an excellent draft; thank you!
I look forward to working with you, and hopefully, file more patents in the field of skincare..

Very pleased with the patent that Mike Biagio put together - especially given all the chaos going on right now! Thanks Baxter!.

Isabelle was my contact and she was very professional and efficient..

Great advise, very professional!.

I consulted with Joanne Li for trade mark matters. She is professional and a good listener. I told her my ideas about my trade mark. She understood my needs quickly and provided me with a few options to consider. Unlike other agents who are always pushing me to make a payment, she explained each option to me in detail. Another thing which I really appreciate is that Joanne always replies to messages or calls promptly, on the same day! I highly recommend Joanne Li and Baxter IP..

Baxter IP (Mr. Martin Earley & Mr. Warren Chandler) helped us (we are located in the US) with the reverse domain name hijacking, we have been fully successful in overcoming the domain name dispute on our AU Domain. They were able to prove deligently and the WIPO Member panelist agrees that the Complaint amounts to a case of reverse domain name hijacking in that they are trying to take our domain without a right to. Highly recommend any one this situation, even if you are located outside AU..

It's been a great experience working with Dr Qi Zhang on our patent application. His strategic thinking on patent and business strategies make it possible for us to maximize the value from our IP investment. Dr Qi Zhang is not a traditional patent attorney, but a trusted advisor!.

Mike Biagio won our business upon our very first meeting - extending to us the courtesy of a free 2 hour "crash course" on how the complex world of patents works, breaking everything down in layman's terms. Since then, we've had no regrets: Mike is always helpful, always professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would happily recommend his services..
Mike Biagio won our business upon our very first meeting - extending to us the courtesy of a free 2 hour "crash course" on how the complex world of patents works, breaking everything down in layman's terms. Since then, we've had no regrets: Mike is always helpful, always professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would happily recommend his services..

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Biagio, he was amazing, really helpful and accomodating. He took the time to explain everything in detail with me, the process, and what it would involve. I would highly recommend, even if you have questions or unsure of what assistance you require..

It has been a pleasure to interact with staff from Baxter IP. There was fantastic service provided and we very much appreciate the time spent on our questions..

When I first spoke with Paul Goodall regarding my idea, I knew I was in good hands. He explains the process quite well and he is very patient in answering all of my queries. He replies to my emails or calls promptly. He is not someone who charges you every time you talk to him or send you an email. He provides legitimate services and he is very professional in every angle. His sound advice is not to earn money but to further protect your idea. He will let you know if the process is not worth spending your money on to keep your costs down. He is not there to take your money but to see you succeed.
Thank you so much, Paul, for your all help and support and for being very patient with me. Always remember that Baxter IP and especially you are a big part of Koala Grippers’ journey. Thank you!.

I am direct and sometimes accused of being blunt, so here it is. Apart from having a father and other friends and family who have been and are in the legal profession, my personal experience dealing with solicitors has been limited in my life to dealing with matters of family law. I have been completely disappointed and underwhelmed by the way in which they have not been open with me as a client. Unfortunately, the family law experience has been much like dealing with real estate agents. You just never know if they are actually on your side.
In sharp contrast, dealing with Baxter IP has been nothing but a pleasure. They have been only too willing with their time and advice and have been completely transparent and honest about potential outcomes and scenarios, positive and negative, whilst ensuring we had the full picture. An absolutely great experience for us as we register our first patent and trade mark. I would highly recommend Baxter IP to anybody who is seeking the utmost professional advice and support in this area of the law..

A prompt and professional experience, thanks again Martin, Warren and the team at Baxter IP!.

In my career as an industrial designer, entrepreneur and engineer, I have had the opportunity to work with many experts in the field of intellectual property. Many attorneys are trained to write and file patents and/or trade marks, however you eventually realise that the real value in a patent or a trade mark lies in what you can do with it; which requires strategic thoughts borne out of a comprehensive understanding of you and your invention, along with clear communication when disseminating known and unknown information. This is where I have found Baxter IP, in particular Naleesha Niranjan, an exception. Rather than simply treating a patent in isolation, Naleesha worked with me to understand what I hope to achieve with it, and provided insights on how to realise its fullest potential. In a crowded world of IP attorneys who simply execute, Naleesha stood out as someone who not only demonstrated exceptional legal ability and technical understanding, but was able to clearly communicate creative insights which will serve as inspiration for future product development..

Thank you Naleesha for all of your help with my patent and trade mark. You have been absolutely wonderful and went above and beyond. I would absolutely recommend your services to anyone that needs to protect their design both in Australia and overseas. Thank you again..

Naleesha from Baxter IP clearly outlined the patent process and the options available to me. Her attention to detail throughout the consultation process gave me confidence that my IP would be expertly protected..

It was awesome working with you guys. thanks for all the help!!.

High quality service! Isabelle helped me to have the trade mark registered and provided follow up services as well. Well done, thank you guys! Highly recommend!.

Great to deal with from start to finish of Patent application.Very thorough in ensuring all aspects covered. Thanks, Trevor..

Today I had my first meeting with a lawyer who specialised in trade mark registration. A very beautiful girl arrived and I didn't think she was the lawyer. She was very kind and very professional, very well explaining all the various scenarios and costs involved for the registration of an international brand. In addition, she put me on a conference call with a colleague of hers who specialized in copywriting, who was also very, very helpful. Without any doubt I suggest working with Baxter IP and in detail with the lawyer, Joanne Li..

I had a wonderful experience with Baxter IP. I would recommend them to anyone looking to protect their business/idea. Paul Goodall was so helpful..

I feel it is important to pass on a very positive message to any prospective client that may be considering your specialised services. After talking on the phone with Martin Earley, I could easily see how professional he is. I called at closing time and 5 minutes into our conversation regarding my unique intellectual property inquiry I mentioned I had no money. At no time did he make feel as though I was wasting his time and we spent 46 minutes after hours on the phone dealing with various aspects about numerous projects I am currently working on. During the entire conversation his only concern was how it is he can help me and he did just that at no cost to my self and it showed me how passionate he is about intellectual property and it showed me how much he cares..

Joanne was very patient and professional, highly recommended..

It was a pleasure working with Mike Biagio. My business partner and I are very grateful for the care he took with us. We are very appreciative of his expert advice, professionalism and openness to explain things in detail. He is truly passionate about IP protection and very knowledgeable. And also wonderfully approachable and friendly. Would not hesitate to recommend his exceptional services to associates, friends and family. Many thanks Mike!.

Very happy to recommend Baxter IP, Especially very grateful to Barry who has been amazing with our TM journey always helpful in person and phone call conversations. Keeps us updated informing us on all progress and development. With Pleasure happy to say we will be continuing to work with Barry at Baxter IP..

I did interact with a few patent attorneys and this one kept in contact while also made contact available through a mutual facebook startup group! As a designer, Chris (Baxter) also refereed me to some appropriate clients and I really value that sort of networking..

I have recently consulted with Joanne Li and I am very pleased with her service. Her genuine interest in others and enthusiasm for building relationships make her a pleasure to work with. Beyond her commendable social prowess, Joanne is a phenomenal resource with an intuitive grasp of Patent & Trade Mark Attorney procedural knowledge. She is definitely an asset to any organisation and her knowledge base in Patent & Trade Mark is a credit to her clients. I would highly recommend Joanne..

Our company's "mission impossible" IP Grant hundred percent benefits from Dr. Qi Zhang's expertised knowledge of information technology and hands on experience of IP application. Really appreciate the service delivered by BaxterIP and would definitely introduce fellow businesses to seek IP solution from BaxterIP..

I wanted to compliment and thank Dr. Qi Zhang for supporting our company through a very difficult and extensive IP application process. Without his knowledge, experience and guidance I am certain we couldn't have obtained our IP. As this IP is in the information communication industry it is essential for us to defend our business, hence Dr. Qi's advice is a key pillar in our success. Highly recommend him and his team!.

Strong willingness to help and give professional advice without feeling rushed was how I felt when dealing with Paul Goodall. No stone was left unturned in listening attentively and providing me with the most suitable advice to my questions about trade marks. I have been fortunate to meet a Trade Mark expert whom I would wholeheartedly recommend. In a layman's language, Baxter IP, you rock! Not forgetting Mike Biagio! Thank you!.

I have had a wonderful experience with the team at Baxter IP. They were very professional in their approach to handling and filing my provisional patent. I highly recommend Baxter IP to anyone seeking a high level of professionalism and outstanding results. A special thank you to Michael P. and his team, Great work!.

Had a complicated name to trade mark, Chris and Barry were insane in terms of advice and paths to take. Have since used them for product patents and same experience, just awesome. Would definitely recommend..

As an Entrepreneur from Melbourne, I couldn't thank these guys enough even if I wanted to! Fantastic Work!.

High quality service! Isabelle helped me to have the trade mark registered and provided follow up services as well. Well done, thank you guys! Highly recommend!.

To whom it may concern, I recently met with Mike Biagio to discuss developing my idea into reality. My experience was extremely pleasant. Mike took the time to explain every step of the process very diligently and very patiently. I was very impressed with all the services on offer as well, I look forward to exploring them as we progress. I look for to concluding the rest of this Journey with your support..

If this is your first stop while looking for trademark or patent services, I am sure it will be your last stop too. Joanne and Chris are excellent with helping their customers and providing the needed guidance and explanations, and answers to customer's questions..

I am fortunate to have come across Baxter IP upon which I was referred to Warren Chandler. Integrity. Transparency. Committed and moreover the passion he possess for his work reflects the efficient workflow of IP application with ease and precision. Aside from his professionalism and expertise, Warren acts in his client's best interest and has fair perspectives on cost management. I look forward to working with him on other patents I have in the future. Highly recommended..

Hi would highly recommend. Excellent advice that gave me full confidence I was in safe hands. Great value..

Being a small company, it's hard to trust your business to anyone, especially when working abroad. Baxter IP has been handling our patent prosecution for several years, and we couldn't be happier. Their team is well organized, efficient, and always professional. My attorney, Mike Biagio is one amazing person! It's hard to find someone with the knowledge and experience to help you make the best decisions; Mike Biagio is this individual. He is passionate about his work, has great integrity, and is a true pleasure to work with; he is someone I trust and look forward to many years of business with. Whether you reside in Australia or are located abroad and need a great patent firm, let Baxter IP earn your business..

Baxter IP were fantastic in outlining the various patenting options for a pre-revenue start-up. Chris was particularly knowledgeable in the fields of electronics and manufacturing, in addition to his expertise in IP law. Raven IoT highly recommends their service..

I had the pleasure of speaking with Quyen (the receptionist) today over the phone upon my first contact with Baxter IP on behalf of my company. Quyen was extremely professional and showed an in depth understanding of the business processes, a definite stand out in her field. I look forward to speaking with Quyen again. Well done Quyen!.

Super helpful with my initial consult! Thank you.

I enjoyed dealing with the team at Baxter IP, everything was handled swiftly and would have no hesitation in returning to them for additional services in what they specialise in..

I've worked with Baxter IP on both a trademark for my company and the patent process on behalf of a client. In both cases, the service and advice has been outstanding. Baxter IP take the time to discuss the process and has made me feel completely at ease. I knew where I stood at each stage, the follow up was swift and comprehensive and I would highly recommend their services..

Baxter IP helps us to get the innovation patent granted in two weeks time! A great attitude of providing professional service in Commit Less Deliver More manner with intensive client needs analysis, extensive patent strategy consultation and proactive result deliveries. It is a five star recommendation to use Baxter! Thank you!.

The service at Baxter's is excellent. Friendly and relaxed yet professional and thorough..

Baxter IP were fantastic in outlining the various patenting options for a pre-revenue start-up. Chris was particularly knowledgeable in the fields of electronics and manufacturing, in addition to his expertise in IP law. Raven IoT highly recommends their service..

Baxter IP has a solid reputation in the market for delivering excellent trade mark and patent advice and representation. I have no hesitation in recommending their services..

We where short of time and needed to see an Attorney prior to departure the following day, the secretary Quyen Javier was very attentive and she arranged for one of the Attorney to meet with us in their office in matter of minutes. We are satisfied with the service received..

Highly professional outfit, with subject matter expertise across a number of different industries. Clear timelines and pricing model as well which is rare for an IP firm! Would work with again..

Baxter IP is the most professional and helpful attorney I've dealt with. Exceptional service from start to finish all-the-while ensuring I understood the entire process in easy to understand terms. Would strongly recommend..

As you would expect, they provide professional IP and trade mark services, however, from my experience, the value multiplier is their ability to connect ideas with commercialisation through a carefully curated network of supporting services and professionals that come together to realise the true potential of the underlying concepts and create tangible value. Unsurprisingly, I never hesitate in recommending Baxter IP and, in particular, Chris Baxter..

Very helpful and knowledgeable..

Attention to detail, thoroughness and holistic approach towards securing your IP is what you can easily expect from BaxterIP team. Had a wonderful journey so far!!.

Team at Baxter IP understands business besides developing an in-depth understanding of concept. Their advice is always around business benefits and this assist clients in preparing a strong strategy..

Very fast, helpful, friendly service. Very experienced..

It was my first time entering into the complex world of inventing. I made a phone call to Martin Earley at Baxter IP Patent Attorneys in Melbourne. Martin understood my complex invention very quickly. I was very impressed by how he could understand my invention in just one short phone call. He explained the step-by-step processes and actions I needed to take. Then after a few face-to-face meetings with Martin, I was armed with detailed drawings and a broad detailed description of my invention . Martin has been able to put it all together into a strong and robust provisional patent application. He has not left a rock unturned in his attention to detail. Baxter IP really has only the best patent attorneys working for them . I’d highly recommend that anyone thinking of inventing, call Baxter IP and speak to one of their patent attorneys. I sincerely believe if you want quality, well you pay for what you get..

I would like to thank Baxter IP for their outstanding work in preparing my patent application. They delivered high quality service and explained the patenting process and what was required in a very easy, simple and thorough manner. I highly recommend Baxter IP to anyone who wants an excellent, professional and quality patent application, Thank you Baxter IP..

Very happy with the service and the positive feedback and support provided by Martin especially the fact that Martin is able to be contacted outside of office hours. The detail in the specifications is amazing and without Martins efforts I could never adequately describe the device. I was extremely happy with the interpretation Martin was able to grasp with a few photos and a description over the phone he has described the function exactly as I would..

Thanks to Dr Phillip Burns for handling my patent application efficiently. I’m impressed by the entire reliable process, specifically the turn around times. I look forward to continue to work with you..

I had an idea and called Baxter IP and they put me onto Warren Chandler, I could not have asked for a better introduction to patenting a product. I found Warren to be very helpful, understanding, and precise. He made the information he gave me easy to understand considering how complicated these processes are. I had no idea what to do or how to do it but Warren walked me through every process and made the decisions so easy. We have now filed for a provisional patent and will look forward to taking our idea internationally with the help of Baxter IP..

Although patenting your invention gives you the sole rights to your design, preventing others from making, using, or selling the invention, the process is often very lengthy and requires attention to even the minute details in order to get rid of any ‘loop-holes’. However Baxter IP made this process much, much easier providing a safe and friendly working environment. Nicholas and John ensured that patent fit every specification of the invention and thought through every little detail. The Baxter IP team provided a flexible and safe working environment where you are their first priority and unlike other firms, work very closely with their client. The service is efficient and reliable and they search through masses of international and national patents to make sure your invention cannot and will not be copied by others. I give my highest recommendation to Baxter IP for the diligent service ultimately providing me with a secure patent and putting my mind at ease..

Having tried to register my patent I took advantage of Baxter IP’s fee consultation where it immediately became apparent I had filed the wrong patent application, which Baxter IP immediately remedied. I highly recommend that anyone looking for patent protection should similarly contact Baxter IP; I’m happy I did..

We are really happy with your services and thank you again. I will highly recommend you in the future..

I was very impressed with my dealings with Baxter IP Patent Attorneys. From the first phone conversation I felt assured that Baxter understood where my technology developments were at and they clearly outlined what the next steps would be. I found the company very personable and was highly impressed with their affinity to grasp the intent of my venture and match it with the most suitable licensing models. A lot of practical “do and don’ts” were covered along with tried and tested models so that my own knowledge and confidence increased in the proposals suggested. A comprehensive document was prepared as agreed, which was a solid basis for the next stage of negotiations. Plus John Baxter was only too willing to provide follow-up and advice drawing upon his expertise gained in licensing around the world. I gained a lot of confidence in my business going forward knowing that I was getting expert advice..

Baxter IP Patent Attorneys are an amazing company to work with. They have been nothing but helpful from the get go. They have worked and guided us with each step of the process and have made this journey a lot more easier. They are efficient and prompt and always go that extra mile without asking twice to do so. We look forward to working with the team at Baxter IP Patent Attorneys as we continue our project..

For a small company like ours, to be able to access the combination of high intellect, extensive engineering knowledge and hard commercial experience in the one office is extremely valuable. The patents and licences are stronger as a result enabling us to negotiate with large companies from a position of strength. I have no hesitation in recommending Baxter IP Patent Attorneys..

Finding my company in need of IP advice was daunting. Baxter IP Patent Attorneys took the time to explain the needs of my business to me. The result was trade marking and and patenting unique designs for my jewellery brand Uberkate. I now feel confident that my Intellectual Property is protected. I would highly recommend Baxter IP Patent Attorneys to help anyone looking to trade mark or patent their precious ideas..

Baxter IP Patent Attorneys have been so professional throughout this whole process. It’s been great to be able to bounce back ideas and have all our questions and concerns answered so promptly. Great company! It’s been a good experience..

Both my wife and I have used Baxter IP Patent Attorneys for two separate projects (Wheely Clean Golf and Shnooki Design) we have been working on over the last 12 months. We have found them to be extremely professional, reliable and helpful. Not only have they successfully helped us in filing a patent, they have also assisted us with designing, engineering, and manufacturing our products. We have always found Baxter IP Patent Attorneys to be very easy to deal with, and nothing is ever a problem for them. It has been a pleasure dealing with Baxter IP Patent Attorneys and I would have no hesitation in recommending them..

I recently filed a patent application with the help of Chris Baxter and his team at Baxter IP Patent Attorneys. Having had no knowledge or experience of how to go about this, I was surprised and relieved by the professional and caring advice and guidance I was given by Chris and Jon, with their help I have been able to take each step to market my product with a lot more confidence. I highly recommend a consultation with Chris and his team as a first step to getting a product patent..

Baxter IP was recommended to me and I can understand why. Securing a trade mark and patent for my intellectual property was both exciting and bewildering and Chris clearly explained the necessary steps to obtain both. He was helpful and patient answering many questions through this long process..

If you believe in your idea you need to trust someone. I too that leap of faith and laid my idea on the line to Chris Baxter who appointed me his associate Jon Wright. It was a relaxed atmosphere and the best thing I have done. These guys are champions. We expect my now robust specification is fast progressing up to the PCT application status. Six months ago this seemed but a fantasy..

Thank you for being so proactive in your support of this project and for your considerable effort in preparing a very thorough application..

Chris helped us in a very professional and a very personal way I feel part of the family..

I found Baxter IP Patent Attorneys to be very honest regarding my patent idea and the direction I should take. Their availability to answer questions I had throughout the process was also most helpful..

Thanks for the huge effort you put into this... this was critical to the timing of the project..

I really appreciate all the intelligent and practical advice you gave me concerning the process involved in protecting trade marks and intellectual property… I found you extremely honest and professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my associates..

Thank you very much for all your help with the provisional patent application. From my point of view this process could not have worked out better. Your approach to draft a comprehensive specification, even if it is “only” a provisional application, makes sense to me. Also because of your aeronautical engineering background you understood the sail-by-wire system immediately. I’m sure this saved a lot of time and might even lead to better protection of the idea..

It is our pleasure to be testament to the absolute Professionalism, Integrity and Expertise, that we have experienced working with Baxter IP Patent Attorneys. Chris has continually gone ‘Above and Beyond’ in his response to our needs. For us being new to the Patent process, it was very reassuring having Chris give us advice, and keeping us informed and up-to-date every step of the way. We have no doubt that his involvement has considerably improved our chances of success. We look forward to working with him on future projects..

I am very pleased with the result of Chris Baxter’s work and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to own intellectual property. My product was quite basic and the chance of getting a certified innovation patent certificate was slim. My first attempt was unsuccessful however with Chris’s expert knowledge, he was able to remove the grounds of objection and the claim got accepted. I received the news from him on New Year’s Eve which made a great start to this year. Great work Chris!.

Thank you for your professionalism and service with providing Focus Driving School with its first trade mark. We received the Certificate of Registration yesterday and we are all very excited about it. We look forward to implementing the R symbol on our stationary and have displayed the Certificate in our office..

Just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and your team for the work done in putting together the provisional patent application. The level of work and detail has exceeded my expectations..

We decided to invest in a patent for our LC888 window lock. Baxter IP Patent Attorneys assisted us with the process which can be very involved, their advice was helpful and we would recommend their services..

I cannot recommend Chris Baxter’s skills as a patent attorney highly enough. Chris’ strength lies with his ability to work closely with the inventor. Too many patents are open to unlicensed use because a clever copier can avoid infringement by exploiting weaknesses in an invention’s specification and claims. Avoiding these weaknesses requires the ability to foresee alternative ways in which the invention could be used without infringing the patent..

We approached Baxter IP Patent Attorneys to work with us on the registration of a patent. During Chris’ preliminary searches he found a similar product already in the marketplace that our searches failed to find. Although we were unable to patent our product, Chris’s honesty and professionalism saved us thousands of dollars in unnecessary searches and registration fees. If you are looking for a Patent Attorney, I would highly recommend Baxter IP Patent Attorneys..

Thank you for your excellent and efficient service. Your response time was extremely fast and the information presented was clear. We will use your services again..

I would like to thank you and your team on the professional way you have helped me in developing a patent. I would also like to say that you gave me all the correct information on how patents work and the costing and left it up to me if I wanted to proceed or not with the patent. I would also highly recommend you and your company to anyone who is thinking about doing a patent..

From the initial meeting through to the lodging of a patent I have been very impressed with Baxter IP Patent Attorneys’s punctuality of program, utmost professional attention to detail and above all their width of thinking..

We recently engaged Baxter IP Patent Attorneys to manage and direct our Intellectual Property needs. We found Chris to be very responsive, committed and diligent in his approach to providing us with direction to matters that became urgent. Chris demonstrated that he could offer creative solutions to solve problems and meet some very tight deadlines. To achieve this it is evident that Chris has valuable skills and knowledge that can only be gained through extensive experience. Chris is currently preparing a global strategic direction for the Popcake suite of products. Chris comprehended future issues, and there are numerous conflicting factors, and reported these to Board of Directors without ambiguity and clear future corporate direction..

As a technology company reliant on IP for our success, it is paramount to retain competent and experienced IP advisors and services. Baxter IP Patent Attorneys were able to guide us through our technically demanding patent space quickly and efficiently, while maintaining excellent feedback and communication throughout. We are happy with both the advice and services provided by Baxter IP Patent Attorneys, and will continue to engage Chris and his team for our future IP needs..

After receiving an introduction to Chris from a highly respected and successful VC, I found Chris to be a very professional and gifted operator who sincerely desires to deliver a first class job. Upon seeking his opinion on a very detailed and complex matter, I found him to be thoughtful, thorough and able to grasp the vision behind what I asked him to advise me on..

Networked Infrastructure National Architecture (NINA) Pty Ltd engaged Baxter IP Patent Attorneys to draft and lodge its patent application for its modular integrated curb and ducting systems for electrical, data, gas and water infrastructure. Baxter IP Patent Attorneys was able to appreciate both the novelty of the invention and the broad scope of its application. This was successfully incorporated in the initial filing to give us the broadest scope to defend and develop our invention. We would readily recommend their IP and patent services..

The online social networking space that we operate in is highly competitive and is evolving rapidly. Great ideas can lead to enormous competitive advantages but they can also be copied very easily. We wanted a way to protect our inventions from being copied by the competition and patents seemed the most obvious mechanism. As a small business every dollar matters so we thought rather than look for a patent attorney we’d research how to submit a patent application ourselves. The world of patents proved to be a midfield and highly technical. We soon realised it would be a total false economy going it alone and hence we sought out Baxter IP. After engaging Baxter IP and working with Chris and Jon on our patent we felt totally reassured that we were doing the right thing. Because different jurisdictions have different laws regarding the patentability of software our patent was written in such a way that different parts of it would target the different jurisdictions to accommodate local laws. This is something we felt we have gained enormously by using Baxter IP. I’d highly recommend using Baxter IP to any software company that’s looking to protect their software inventions..

I contacted Baxter IP Patent Attorneys following a previous fruitless, lengthy and expensive experience with one of the large specialist IP firms in a previous business. I have now engaged Baxter IP Patent Attorneys for two projects, one simple, and one complex. In both cases Chris has demonstrated his talent for rapidly gaining a depth of subject understanding and a grasp of the important issues prior to producing and lodging highly regarded patent documents. I have no hesitation in recommending Baxter IP Patent Attorneys..

A big thanks for you help with the trade mark. A lot easier and quicker than I thought... and a lot more affordable than I thought too. Again truly appreciate the help. Thanks!.

We have now worked with Barry Meskin on 3 matters. 2 involved quite complex Aussie trade mark applications, and the latest was an urgent UK legal dispute on trademarks/copyrights in 10 countries in Europe and Asia. Barry did a professional and thorough job on all occasions, and we got the TMs and information we needed in a timely manner at very reasonable cost. Plus - Barry is just a really good guy to work with. Highly recommended!!.

Service, contact and support to date has been excellent.  Attention to detail and advice from our patent attorney at Baxter IP has been nothing short of First Class.  Thank you all. Highly recommended!!.

I was a first time patent seeker. Baxter's service and communication was first class. I found the staff helpful and patient as being a rookie in the patent application process I had many questions. Baxter IP also involved me in some of the text production for rebuttals and descriptions. I found this great as no one knows your idea better than you. I am now the owner of a US patent and I would recommend Baxter IP to any prospective Patent seeker. Todd Archer Director Archer Innovations.
Found your staff helpful and efficient. Would recommend you to my friends..

Being a first time patenter, my initial reservations relating to the unknown process soon disappeared and was replaced with confidence. Chris Baxter lost no time in establishing a trust worthy and safe working relationship. Having access to such a highly skilled professional team was exactly what my innovation needed. I would strongly recommend IP Baxter to anyone wishing to put their innovation or inventions on the best path right from the word go..

Highly professional firm providing concise and easy to understand advice. My understanding of the importance of trade marking my company name and logo was negligible. Chris and Barry stepped me through the process to protect my asset from a domestic (Australia) and international perspective. Highly recommended..

Well organised and prepared. Presented and explained concepts behind patent law concisely and effectively, providing myself with the upmost information to understand the eligibility and process that are involved. A very help full team, whom provide a positive and welcoming experience. I would highly recommend Baxter IP..

Baxter IP gave me a quick & precise understanding of the Patenting System & Protocols. They had high quality answers to all my enquiries and even gave me a better alternatives to resolve my current problems. Additionally, the customer service, friendliness, attention to detail and attentiveness of the staff made the whole process very well handled. Highly Reliable and Highly Recommend!.

Applying for a provisional patent is new for me. I'm very pleased with the guidance I've received, every step has been explained thoroughly. I have received prompt responses by staff when I've had questions, my queries have been resolved quickly all staff have been very helpful. Highly recommended..

Baxter IP team - Chris, Phil, Kristine, Warren and Julie in particular have done a wonderful job in securing a provisional application and trade marks for my company. I have dealt with many IP firms in the past - in fact most of the larger major ones in Australia - and I would have to say that Baxter IP were the friendliest and best value for money firm that I have utilised. Baxter IP fills a gap by providing large corporate top tier value service, yet are very startup/SME/Tech friendly at the same time. Phil did an amazing job on the provisional and pulled a couple of near all nighters in order to get my IP filed by the due date. If you are looking for a personalised service and working with a firm who actually cares about your success, then Baxter IP is definitely the place to go. I will definitely use Baxter IP again..

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