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Your intellectual property is what makes your product unique. By lodging a patent application, your patent pending status will establish your claim on your new idea, provide investors with confidence and help deter competitors from copying. A granted patent provides ownership of an invention for up to 20 years in the countries you choose and provides both monopoly and licensing rights.

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From patent searches and applications to handling disputes and litigation, we can help you establish robust patent rights.
Clearly delineate your patent claims
Iterate towards the perfect set of claims that cover your commercial products and delineate your ideas from the prior art.
Enforce your patent rights
Patent ownership allows you to stop competitors from copying your patented product for 20 years.
Prepare and file your patent application
Our team can prepare your patent application and have it filed in any country around the world.

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Seamless cross-industry, cross-disciplinary IP advice

We've delivered successful projects spanning multiple industries and functions and can draw on this expertise to provide seamless cross-disciplinary advice.

Strategy first

We use IP searches & analyses to inform strategic decision making to protect your innovation or brand strategically, otherwise to protect your budget.

Analytical, technical and creative talent

Our team comprises some of the most experienced patent & trade mark attorneys in the profession. Our mix of analytical, creative, technical and commercially-minded talent participate in rigorous ongoing internal development to keep us at the top of our game.

Award winning

Our team have established a reptuation for being the best and have won highly regarded IP awards.

Tech spectrum covered

Our eight patent attorneys provide specialist advice across the full technology spectrum from pharma & biotech to robotics & software.

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Giving back to the community

In 2018 we committed to supporting Australian universities to help them help their academics & students in protecting and commercialising spin-out IP - and we've been hard at work ever since. Our efforts in this regard are highlighted on this website,, which showcases our initiatives and partnership with various educational institutions

10X IP Due Diligence

New Wave

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Baxter IP is a benefactor of the UNSW Founder’s Program and provides pro-bono IP advice to their 10X cohorts each year. The Founder’s Program supports university students in establishing startups with a focus on social impact. For us, this is a modest but important start to giving back to the community and more generally to STEM education in Australia. Each year since 2018, Baxter IP has provided a pro-bono IP due diligence service to start-ups entering the 10X programmes including 10X Health, 10X SynBio, 10X Climate, 10X Defence and the 10X General streams.

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Our transparent approach to meeting client needs starts in being ready to listen and understand your innovation and brand in the context of your broader business or project. We look forward to determining what forms of IP protection might be most strategically valuable to you.

Innovate Boldly. Protect Strategically.

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