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Your intellectual property is what makes your product unique. By lodging a patent application, your patent pending status will establish your claim on your new idea, provide investors with confidence and help deter competitors from copying.

A granted patent provides ownership of an invention for up to 20 years in the countries you choose and provides both monopoly and licensing rights.

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From patent searches and applications to handling disputes and litigation, we can help you establish robust patent rights.

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Work with one of our 9 Australian and New Zealand patent attorneys who specialise in the field of your innovation.

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We’re focussed on the end game

Our patent analysis and drafting work is informed by our experience in handling IP disputes and enforcement. Commercial and licensing experience also plays an important part in drafting comprehensive patent applications. This experience has been gained in private practice and in-house roles, and through our partnerships with BIP Capital Partners.

BIP Capital Partners
Most-awarded mid-sized firm in Australia

The most awarded mid-sized firms in Australia

The indisputable metric of client happiness is Net Promoter Score and our clients rated us at an outstanding level of 77 in 2021 (compared to the industry average of -22 in Australia).

Clients appreciate our careful counsel, responsiveness and transparency around processes and costs.

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Most-awarded mid-sized firm in Australia

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