Patent Search

A patent search and searches of other technical literature is an important step in obtaining strategic international patent protection and minimising your patenting risks. Our patent searchers have at their disposal a variety of sophisticated databases and international patent search software, as well as many years of experience in these types of searches.

Worldwide Patent Searches

A worldwide patent search (international patent novelty search) can be carried out to provide you with an indication of whether your invention is new (novel). An invention must be both novel and include an inventive step to be patentable. Read more…

Freedom-To-Operate Patent Searches

A freedom-to-operate patent search, also known as an infringement patent search, is carried out to attempt to identify any granted patents that a product may infringe if sold, manufactured or used in the country where the patent has been granted. Read more…

Australian Patent Searches

IP Australia maintains the AUSPAT patent database, which allows anyone to search Australian patent data. Our patent attorneys and patent searchers can carry out numerous types of Australian patent searches for you on this database, including patent number, patent applicant and inventor searches. Read more…

Other Patent Searches

Patent searching may be conducted for strategic business purposes. Here are some examples of the types of strategic patent searching our patent attorneys carry out for our clients:

  • Map out the competitive landscape
  • Identify the main players in a particular field of technology
  • Identify the key investors in a particular field of technology
  • Identify whether extensive patenting has taken place to assess the barriers of entry
  • Identify opportunities in the patent landscape that may be capitalised on
  • Identify the latest developments in a specialist area
  • Identify competitor initiatives
  • Identify potential infringers
  • Locate potential licensing partners
  • Highlight industry trends
  • Assess the value of a patent portfolio

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