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Streamlining patent prosecution with the Global Patent Prosecution Highway

The Global Patent Prosecution Highway (GPPH) has been introduced in 19 participating patent offices with a view to streamlining grant of patents in these offices by sharing work that has […]

Combination of Prior Art In Chemical cases require proof that it is reasonable to combine the documents

Patent Law can be eaten away by intestinal fluke and worm treatments as in the case of Merial Ltd v Norbrook Laboratories Limited [2014] APO 60 (19 August 2014) Pharmaceutical […]

Innovation Patents – A Second Tier Product with Top Tier Benefits

Innovation patents are an effective strategy for forming a strong patent portfolio for intellectual property rights for their lower level inventions, with a lower compliance burden on patent Applicants by providing easier, cheaper and quicker rights for inventions

Cut-Price Patent Filings… Is There A Catch?

When devising a patenting strategy, one of the questions that arise is where?  Patent protection is territorial.  Consequently, if patent protection is required in an international sense, ultimately a patent […]

Software patents – Computer programs – Business methods – Are they patentable? – a new Australian Full Federal Court decision

In the first of a trio of long awaited decisions of the Federal Court of Australia on Patent Office rejections of patentable subject matter relating to software patents and business […]

Understanding the Implications of Jointly Owned Patents

Generally speaking, “jointly owned patents” are to be avoided. The rights afforded to a joint owner of a patent vary significantly from country to country and in this blog we […]

It’s patented now, but can you commercialise it? – Baxter IP

It can be difficult to get your head around the concepts of “patentability” (the ability to patent your invention) and “freedom to operate” (the ability to commercialise your invention).  In […]

Patent Searching: Boon or Bane?

Patent searches are an important commercial tool for reasons depending on the type of search being conducted.  However, the mere act of conducting patent searches to obtain relevant information about […]

Are Drinks and Liquids Patentable?

In order to obtain a valid patent, the subject matter of a patent application must meet a minimum threshold requirement of being patentable subject matter in the first instance, and […]

What do I need to disclose about “prior art”?

a patent obtained through concealment of relevant prior art is not a reliable commercial asset You know that it is important to advise your patent attorney of everything about your invention – […]

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