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Patent attorney tricks – Why you should keep your invention confidential

Don’t destroy the novelty of your invention As anyone who has been through the patenting process will tell you, it is really important to maintain the confidentiality of your invention, […]

ATSE NSW Symposium 2015 Intelligent Grids – Technology Pathway to our Energy Future

Presently, the growing global population is driving an even greater increase in the demand for electricity and traditional energy companies are under pressure to cater for the demands of the […]

8 Ways to Help out your Patent Attorney

Navigating through the patent process can, at times, seem to be an arduous task. Your patent attorney, as your trusted adviser, is often crucial to understanding the varied aspects that […]

Are Design Registrations becoming a more useful IP protection?

Earlier this week the Australian Government’s Advisory Council on Intellectual Property published its final report that was completed in March 2015.  The report of the Design registration system follows a […]

Intellectual Property Issues Raised in Competition Policy Review

In 2013, the Australian Government commissioned an expert panel review of competition policy in Australia. The final report of the panel (known as the Harper Review) was issued in March […]

Defence Supplier Micreo Limited Supplying to US Production Contract

Micreo Limited, an Australian designer and manufacturer of radio frequency subsystems for global defence and aerospace, and a client of Baxter IP, announced this month that it is shipping production […]

Branding using Trade Marks and websites and social media is important to your business.

What is in a name? A lot when your business depends on it. The importance of branding, and of not allowing your brand to be used descriptively, was illustrated recently in […]

What to do after filing your patent application?

Baxter IP are patent attorneys (and good ones). What’s more, we can offer unique insights that you might not get from other patent attorneys, because we pride ourselves on being […]

Community Focus

At Baxter IP, we think that a successful collaboration with our clients is not only the result of outstanding intellectual property services and a close working relationship with clients; it […]

Inventorship – Don’t get it Wrong!

Any person may apply for a patent. However, a patent can only be granted to the inventor or a person or company deriving title from the inventor - but just who is an inventor? Or, perhaps more importantly, who is NOT an inventor?

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