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Micreo Limited – Strength to Strength

As we reported earlier here, Micreo Limited, an Australian designer and manufacturer of radio frequency subsystems for global defence and aerospace industry – and a client of Baxter IP – announced in […]

Channel 10’s SharkTank Hunt for the Next Aussie Inventor

An unprecedented chance to score public interest, financial backing and exponential business growth: The first season of Australian TV reality series “Shark Tank” has piqued the interest of many during […]


The Advisory Council on Intellectual Property (ACIP) undertook a lengthy review on the effectiveness of the Australian innovation patent system.  The review concluded in June 2014 with the publication of […]

Australians are great inventors – and great admirers and users of inventions from overseas. Believe it.

There have been numerous reports that the new Raising the Bar provisions of the Patent Law actually ‘raises the bar’ on what is patentable. This is an overstatement, but there are […]

Strengthening intellectual property rights in China

Over the last couple of decades the Chinese government has pursued a policy of encouraging local businesses to partner up with high technology offshore firms, to enable the offshore companies to […]

So, what ‘is’ the current status of patents for Software inventions in Australia?

An ongoing debate has been played out in the media and court systems worldwide over the past 10 years or more, regarding the issue of patent protection for software applications. […]

Trademarks in the U.S.A.

USA is one of the 2 top economic markets in the world.  Therefore it is important that your primary marketing tool of your trademark is protected in the short term […]

Intellectual Property and the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

After years of negotiation, the China-Australia Free trade Agreement (ChAFTA) was signed on 17 June 2015 by the governments of both countries.  Chapter 11 of the agreement relates specifically to […]

Baxter IP founds FastCircle to complete your A-Team

Do you need your electronic device developed? Software programmed? Or just a simple website? What about a 3D prototype or photo-realistic drawings of what your product might look like? How […]

Patents – Is this the way to go? There has to be a balance, but what is it?

The High Court of Australia is to hear whether Myriad Genetics’ gene patent stands in an appeal by Queensland cancer survivor Yvonne DÁrcy In September 2014, breast cancer sufferers were […]

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