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Strategy Presentation at the November meeting of the Inventors Association of Australia.

The Victorian branch of the Inventors Association of Australia (IAA) has been in action for many years to assist new inventors by providing practical, legal and engineering advice in a […]

Expediting your International Patent Applications via the GPPH

Many patent applicants seek international patent protection for their inventions, so they can acquire monopoly rights in the foreign jurisdictions where they are hope to obtain a meaningful market share […]

European Community Designs extend beyond Paris Convention period

We have recently been asked a very interesting and commercially important question, which we thought we would share. Background: We have filed design applications in Australia, and corresponding applications in […]

Patent basics – Top 5 things to remember when starting a business

1. Create a corporate structure (i.e. a company) If two people own the intellectual property (IP), instead of a company, the IP can be licensed by each person individually without […]

What is the cost of not engaging a patent attorney to protect your invention?

This post is hopefully the first in a series looking at the lodgement statistics for patent applications filed with the Australian Patent Office, IP Australia. In this post, I look […]

From the office writing pad to Wi-Fi technology – 10 Aussie inventions that changed the world

Since the first patent application filed within the Australian Colonies in 1848, the whole nation has embraced all kinds of innovative ideas ranging across a multitude of areas. In this post, […]

Trademarks vs. Copyright

Trademarks versus Copyright Trademarks are signs or symbols, usually in the form of words, logos, or combinations of words and logos. Trademarks are used in the course of trade or […]

‘Patent Box’ Initiatives around the World

What is a Patent Box initiative? To help a country advance technologically, it is important to incentivise and increase R&D efforts. It is then also vital to protect the newly […]

The Productivity Commission to investigate Australia’s Intellectual Property arrangements

Chris Baxter, Managing Director at Baxter IP, comments on the Productivity Commission Enquiry, which will be the first economic evaluation of Australia’s IP arrangements in decades. Chris Baxter maintains the […]

The Baxter Legacy – Continuing Percy Baxter’s Philanthropic Giving

Baxter IP’s Commercial Counsel and current chair of the Percy Baxter Charitable Trust, Dr John Baxter, was present last Saturday at the inauguration of the new Baxter Wing at the […]

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