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Piracy of anti-piracy?

An Australian inventor, who was awarded the fifth highest patent jury awards in US history of $US388 million in April, is now set to receive nothing after a US Appeals […]

Accelerating the Green Machine

The world has been attempting to find ways to become greener in recent decades, and this is now being reflected in a surge in the popularity of green patents. Patent […]

Having a patent attorney draft the specification for your patent application is more important that you might think.

After having started as a student intern at Baxter IP in 2007, I quickly realised that drafting a patent specification is more technical and nuanced than I had initially imagined. […]

Conficker Worm: Cyber Crime

It is believed that the Conficker Worm virus has infected more than 5 million computers worldwide. It has been suggested that this particular virus could even disrupt and shut down […]

THAILAND – 142nd Contracting State of the PCT

On 24 September 2009, Thailand acceded to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) to become the 142nd contracting state of this multilateral treaty. This means that from 24 December 2009, applicants […]

Google receives patent for its home page

As of the first September 2009, Google the search engine created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, received a patent for its home page design. This was issued by the […]

3 Keys To A Reputable Brand

Businesses and individuals worldwide will remember 2008 as a year of financial hardship, rising unemployment and uncertainty. In such times, businesses and consumers alike turned to the brands they trusted, […]

The Inventor Shop

Baxter IP recently joined forces with “The Inventor Shop” to provide its clients with yet another avenue to profit from their invention. Chris Baker, the founder of The Inventor Shop is […]

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