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Australian Patent Office Practice narrows the scope for software related inventions

A recent shift in the examination practice of the Australian Patent Office may result in certain software related application being rejected for not being patentable. Generally, Australian Patent Law shows […]

Australian & New Zealand Single Regulatory Framework For Patent Attorney Profession

The Australian patent attorney profession is currently regulated by the Professional Standards Board for Patent Attorneys. A reform is currently being proposed by IP Australia that would see the establishment […]

Patent Attorneys’ New Uses For Innovation Patents

From 1994 to 2000, Dr John Baxter was a Member of the Advisory Council on Industrial Property (ACIP) for IP Australia. ACIP played a key role in the development of […]

Patent Attorney on Developments in Patent Enforcement In China

In late 2010, the Chinese government launched a new national campaign to crack down on violations of intellectual property rights (IPRs) and on the production and distribution of fake and […]

When Does An Exclusive Licensee Have Standing To Sue For Infringement? Patent Attorney Answers…

Our patent attorneys have been asked a number of times by foreign associate attorneys as to whether an exclusive licensee need have exclusive rights in a patent in order to […]

Baxter IP Patent Attorneys Presenting at Microsoft BizSpark Program

Baxter IP Patent attorneys will be presenting at the Microsoft BizSpark program on 11 Nov 2010 on the patentability of software in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Korea and […]

One-Click Computer Implemented Business Method Patent Allowed In Canada

In a recent development, a Canadian federal court has ruled in favour of Inc. allowing them to patent their “one-click” order process for online shopping. The online retail giant […]

AFP cracks down on organised counterfeiting – victory for IP rights owners and patent attorneys

In a statement issued by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), it was announced that during the week commencing 13th Sept, 21 warrants were executed across Australia in relation to the […]

Patent Attorneys Watch Carefully As Uniloc Fights Again

Uniloc, a software company specialising in IT security and piracy protection, was brought to the international spotlight with its lawsuit against Microsoft for infringing its patent relating to product activation […]

Patent attorneys are often asked about the difference between copyright & patents?

Inventors often ask our patent attorneys, “How can I copyright my idea?”. We answer, “Do you mean patent your idea?”. There is a distinct difference between what copyright and patents […]

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