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Important Patent Legislation Changes in Australia Effective 15 April 2013

The Australian Parliament recently passed the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (“Raising the Bar”) Act 2012 (“the Act”), which received Royal Assent on 15 April 2012.  The Patent legislation changes will […]

IP Commercialisation and Spin out Summit 2012

Baxter IP will be presenting in the upcoming IP Commercialisation and Spin out Summit 2012.  Baxter IP will be examining the upcoming patent and trade mark law changes brought by […]

REVEALED: Samsung OZ Tab Stockpiles Ready To Go

Reidy, O. (01/12/2011). REVEALED: Samsung OZ Tab Stockpiles Ready To Go. Retrieved from Samsung are loading artillery of the Android running Galaxy 10.1 to Australia, according to sources. […]

Chinese Patent Law and Practice

In November 2011, Chris visited patent attorney firms in Guangzhou Baxter IP works with and to learn more about Chinese patent law and practice. Here are his notes! Chinese Invention […]

Why do you need an Intellectual Property Attorney

Proper preparation of a patent specification is probably the most important part of any patent application process. The patent specification must not only meet certain substantive requirements such as fully […]

Baxter IP’s Unique Approach to Drafting Provisional Patent Specifications

One of the key roles of a provisional patent application is the establishment of a priority date, which is the patentee’s earliest claimed filing date for his patent.  The provisional […]

New Zealand Patent Bill

The New Zealand Patent Bill, which is scheduled to replace the Patents Act 1953, is due to be brought into force by 31 December 2012. The new Patent Bill is […]

Research & Development Tax Reform Briefing with Baxter IP & KPMG

On 24 October 2011 Baxter IP Patent Attorneys held a briefing for its clients in collaboration with KPMG on the new tax reform incentives for business conducting R&D activities. The […]

CNBC Interviews Chris Baxter on the Apple Samsung Patent Wars

Chris has released his preparation notes for the interview below: What is this Apple Samsung patent war all about? Apple has taken action against Samsung in a number of countries […]

Case study: Baxter IP Patent Attorneys helps to successfully protect railway sled invention

The Australian Rail Track Corporation has fast tracked a major maintenance program to prevent one of Australia’s busiest railway tracks from subsuming into mud, using a technology subject to one […]

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