AFP cracks down on organised counterfeiting – victory for IP rights owners and patent attorneys

Posted by Baxter IP on

In a statement issued by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), it was announced that during the week commencing 13th Sept, 21 warrants were executed across Australia in relation to the organised selling and distribution of counterfeit and pirated goods including trade marked items.

Federal Agents entered business premises, residences and vehicles in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, seizing counterfeit software, pirated CDs and DVDs, computers and counterfeit luxury items such as bags and jewellery. The investigations cover a number of alleged offences, including the selling of counterfeit computer software, pirated music and films, counterfeit clothing and handbags, and the illegal transmission of sporting content.

The crack down comes as a result of lengthy investigations stemming from information provided by several parties, including the Trade Mark Investigations Service and Music Industry Privacy Investigations. A number of organisations have welcomed the national raid, hailed as a victory by IP rights owners and patent attorneys alike.