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Access to FastCircle

No Australian team is able to offer you the complete picture of the opportunities and risks around your IP in the same way that Baxter IP can in conjunction with FastCircle.

FastCircle is a community of closely collaborating companies, which offer guidance throughout the entire commercialisation process, taking your idea all the way from concept, to patent protection, IP valuation, product or software development, capital raising, commercial execution then on to market or exit transaction. If matters become contentious, we have an experienced and pragmatic negotiation and legal enforcement team with a strong track record of successful outcomes in oppositions before IP Australia and litigation in the Federal Court. This means that we can approach your IP from every angle, bringing together our legal, technical, financial and commercial understanding of your intellectual property to the benefit of your business.

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Benefits of FastCircle

It’s easier because we communicate

  • Our team keep each other, and you, updated about what’s happening with your product and company.
  • Design and development improvements are automatically communicated to your patent attorneys for consideration.
  • You don’t need to locate a trustworthy and well-priced development company to work with.. we’re already here together ready to help you as a team.

It’s less expensive because we make better decisions

  • We make cross-functional decisions. Cross-functional decisions require less rework and are less risky because we get the right information inputs for the decision from the outset from all relevant parties.
  • The FastCircle team can discuss issues directly with each other in order to make decisions time-efficiently.
  • We can develop integrated go-to-market strategies for your product gathering information from all members of our team.
  • Patent drawings are prepared in-house by B Product.

It’s secure because Baxter IP is the cornerstone

  • The cornerstone of FastCircle is Baxter IP, an Intellectual Property Attorney firm in the business of protecting clients’ intellectual property.
  • We train our whole team on confidentiality and the importance of non-disclosure.
  • There is no group of cross-disciplinary service providers in Australia that are as well versed in IP and confidentiality as the FastCircle team.
FastCircle Innovation Group - Cross-functional Decision Making IP StrategyIP AuditPatentsTrade MarksDesignsIP ValuationEnforcement 25+ Industry Specialist AdvisersCommercialisationLicensingJoint VenturesNetwork of LicenseesNetwork of Technology Transfer PartnersNetwork of Capital Partners Concept VisualisationProduct DesignIn-house 3D PrintingPrototypingMass Manufacturing Design &Development Intellectual Property& Legal Commercialisation& Accounting IP AgreementsIP LitigationDispute ResolutionConsumer LawIP Licensing Strategic PlanningTax ServicesBookkeepingVirtual CFOReal-Time Performance ReportingStart-up Accounting SpecialistsBudgeting and ModelingDue Diligence
FastCircle Innovation Group - Cross-functional Decision Making Design &Development Intellectual Property& Legal Commercialisation& Accounting

Intellectual Property & Legal

  • Baxter IP, Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys
  • IP Strategy
  • IP Audit
  • Patents
  • Trade Marks
  • Designs
  • IP Valuation
  • Enforcement
  • Interface Legal
  • IP Agreements
  • IP Litigation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Consumer Law
  • IP Licensing

Commercialisation & Accounting

  • Slipstream Commercialisation
  • 25+ Industry Specialist Advisers
  • Commercialisation
  • Licensing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Network of Licensees
  • Network of Technology Transfer Partners
  • Network of Capital Partners
  • Leap Accounting Solutions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tax Services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Virtual CFO
  • Real-Time Performance Reporting
  • Start-up Accounting Specialists
  • Budgeting and Modeling
  • Due Diligence


  • B. Product
  • Concept Visualisation
  • Product Design
  • In-house 3D Printing
  • Prototyping
  • Mass Manufacturing

Slipstream Commercialisation

Slipstream Commercialisation

Slipstream Commercialisation is a member of the FastCircle Innovation Community and is the only commercialisation consultancy in Australia that has a team of commercialisation advisers spanning all industries. With 25+ experienced, industry specialist commercialisation advisers, Slipstream is well placed to assist you in taking your product to market, establishing joint ventures and licensing to maximise the value of your Intellectual Property. Their advisers have assisted in patent licensing negotiations in a broad range of technologies including:

  • Engineering
  • Medical devices
  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • FMCG
  • Industrial

Once you have filed your Provisional Patent Application with a patent attorney at Baxter IP, one of Slipstream Commercialisation’s advisers specialising in your industry can meet with you to help you map out the path forward.

Services include:

  • 25+ Industry Specialist Advisers
  • Commercialisation
  • Licensing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Network of Licensees
  • Network of Technology Transfer Partners
  • Network of Capital Partners

For a complimentary consultation, contact Tristan Boyd

Tristan has twenty plus years of acquired experience and expertise of building & scaling fast growth companies & developed expertise in strategy & execution , innovation & IP , operational management, corporate development, investment planning, advisory & consultancy roles that allowed him to assist leaders & companies who are committed to innovation and achieving sustainable fast growth.

His network has wider links with a variety of private equity, VC funds, institutions and industry experts across the globe that can form virtual teams as & when required to support business from early stage to mature corporate organisations and leading brands like Exxon Mobil, Diageo, Fonterra ,Dell ,HP implementing retail transformation programs and developing technology platforms across the globe.

I have a real passion for what I do and love of business and studying the art of entrepreneurship, I encourage challenging the status quo. I have been privileged to be given the opportunity to work with some of the best minds and thought leaders in their respective fields of excellence and I possess a real thirst to learn and innovate. I’m most energized when I’m able to work with smart people doing smart things that also have a passion & love for what they do. My satisfaction comes from achieving and succeeding through partnerships & collaboration with my fellow team members . I have the ability to inspire, persuade, empower and lead people across.

Leap Accounting Solutions

Leap Accounting Solutions

Led by founder Crystal Diaz, Leap Accounting Solutions are a group of on-call financial gurus. We exist to clear the pains and simplify accounting, making accounting real simple.

Our team are professionals, with international experience, we have set up businesses in 5 different continents. We are also CPA certified and passionate about supporting small to medium-sized business to achieve their goals.

For a complimentary consultation, contact Crystal Diaz

People think of accountants as dry, serious types. Fortunately, Crystal Diaz is not your average bean counter. As a forward-thinking founder of Leap Accounting Solutions, she’s the ideal mix of management accounting guru and international business expert.

In her role, she’s helped businesses all over the world manage cash flow, improve productivity, and optimize decision-making. Crystal has also set up a number of businesses in the Philippines, USA, UK, and South America. This background—coupled with her accounting acumen—has led to client accolades for her “wealth of domestic and international experience.”

Although her skillset is well-rounded, Crystal enjoys working closely with entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses to develop financial strategies that help them scale up. She’s had training in this area, making her a huge asset to companies with strong growth objectives.

Prior to founding her own company, Crystal was the Financial Controller of Collective Intelligence and had daily financial oversight of the company’s activities in Australia and its overseas subsidiaries. She reported directly to the Managing Director of the various global business units while implementing ongoing financial development strategies.

With over 10 years of management accounting experience, Crystal has a keen eye for detail and creativity. She’s even developed a bit of a reputation. Fortunately, it’s for good stuff like honesty, discipline, and resourcefulness. These traits—along with her CPA Certification—make her a vital resource to clients.

B. Product

B. Product

B.Product is a unique product development consultancy based in North Sydney and a member of the FastCircle Innovation Community.

Their team of industrial design experts work with businesses & entrepreneurs to envision and create industry leading products by:

  • Industrial design and product development
  • User interface and user experience design (UI & UE)
  • In-house 3D printing
  • Prototyping and manufacturing
  • CAD engineering and simulation
  • Photo-realistic visualisations and presentations

B.Product applies a unique, human-centred approach to our design strategy. This means that they keep the needs and behaviour of your end users in mind at every step of the design process. They conduct comprehensive research into the way consumers will use and relate to your new idea; and consider marketing, manufacturing and financial factors as well as aesthetics and ergonomics to help you define, explore and refine your new product.

For a complimentary consultation, contact Marco Tallarida

Marco Tallarida is the Strategic Director at B.Product. For the last 8 years Marco has been collaborating with commercialisation, IP and manufacturing firms using design thinking to develop and add value to new products and services.

Marco has pulled together a talented, multi-disciplinary team that has seen B.Product work with Sphere Healthcare, Tapit Media, Virgin Mobile, Australian Museum, DPG Form Fitting’s, GE Capital, UNSW and Abberfield Industries. Specialising in product design, he applies human centred design processes to their approach, creating smart solutions from ideas to development and manufacturing.

Marco’s specific experience is broad ranging and crosses over bathroom amenities, electrical housing componentry, children toys, revenue systems, furniture, lighting, advertising displays for digital NFC marketing campaigns, exhibitions and more frequently medical and lifestyle products for Australian innovators and businesses.