BIP Capital Partners

BIP Capital Partners provide unmatched opportunities for Baxter IP clients in accessing capital. Startup company clients that meet the capital partners introduction criteria will be provided with a warm introduction to the partner and are guaranteed a response. Clients that don’t meet the criteria can be sure to receive helpful feedback.

As the first patent & trade mark attorney firm in Australia to establish partnerships with angel investor networks and technology funds, we’re pleased to partner with five leading (and to be leading) players in Pre-Seed, Seed & Series A level funding.

Introducing the BIP Capital Partners:

Ten13 is an angel investment syndicate led by the family office of Steve Baxter (no relation to Chris Baxter) and have been producing top quartile investment returns since 2011. Ten13’s philosophy of ‘network-based investing’ means investees benefit from the value of their 12,000+ connections worldwide. Steve is well known for his time as a ‘shark’ on Ten’s Shark Tank television show.

AirTree Ventures partners with entrepreneurs that have the ambition to change the world as we know it. They manage some of Australia’s largest VC funds with significant institutional support. AirTree invest across all tech sectors and have a particular expertise in B2B SaaS products. In this sector they look for products that spread quickly within organisations and have invested in 70 companies over the past 20 years.

Eleanor Venture was founded by one of Australia’s leading M&A lawyers, Kylie Frazer and is one of Australia’s larger tech-focussed angel investment syndicates.Their pool of private investors can assist with your ‘asks’ as you scale and Eleanor can help with follow-on rounds too. Kylie is a regular contributor at Wade Institute’s VC Catalyst; The Australian Graduate School of Management’s Angel Investor Education Program and Airtree Ventures’ Explorer Program.

Galileo Ventures was founded by James Alexander and Hugh Stephens to back entrepreneurs with a $200,000 in pre-seed investment and coaching through their unique 12 month accelerator programme. James previously founded the Incubate accelerator at USYD and grew it to the reputation it has today and Hugh Stephens founded Sked Social.

Logan and Wayne was founded by one of Australia’s leading angel investors, Brendan Hill. They operate Australia’s largest AngelList syndicate, showcasing some of Australia’s most ambitious startups to their global investor base.

Brendan Co-Founded The Australian Graduate School of Management’s Angel Investor Education Program and is passionate about educating the next generation of angel investors.

What’s next?

If you’re a client of Baxter IP and are interested in learning more simply ask your attorney whether you’re eligible for consideration in the BIP Capital Partners program.