#SKILLUP Session – Trade Marks 101, by Small Business Women Australia

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#SKILLUP Session – Trade Marks 101, by Small Business Women Australia

SKILL UP is a webinar series organised by Small Business Women Australia.

TOPIC: #SKILLUP Session – Trade Marks 101 | Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (GMT+10, via Zoom)

Find out if your business needs trade mark protection or not!

Featuring our very own, Binh Rey.

Binh Rey is a Trade Mark Attorney at Baxter IP, a full service intellectual property firm. With over 20 years background in marketing before becoming a Trade Mark Attorney, Binh’s fresh approach to trade mark law brings a commercial focus to her clients and their businesses. Binh’s marketing expertise means she looks beyond clients asking for assistance in trade mark application and registration.

Binh understands and gets branding and because of that, she is comfortable guiding clients in their journey to find the “perfect name” for their brand therefore helping clients start their business ventures on solid foundations, without the fear of infringement in the future. She also helps established businesses to review their existing trade mark registrations and ensure that the right protection is in place to enforce their registered trade mark rights. Her belief is that a new business must spend time to find the right name from the start of any venture, whether it’s a product or service, because if you protect the brand from the start you are protecting the success of the business. Keeping in mind that every well known brand had their humble beginnings.

Binh has been a Trade Mark expert on Kochie’s Business Builders and SBS World News as well as a commentator for Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and various industry magazines.