Different reasons why my clients chose to trade mark their brand

Binh Rey asks her clients why they chose to trademark
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  • Binh Rey - Associate, Trade Mark Attorney
  • Associate, Trade Mark Attorney

Binh Rey asked our clients why they chose to trade mark their brand. Not surprisingly, there were many reasons clients gave. Hip Hampers created a new logo for their business and they wanted to protect it, KS Building Solutions rebranded with consideration around existing marks and registered their new brand KS Building Solutions Australia. Engineering firm, Triaxial Consulting and bookkeeping firm, both were growing rapidly and gaining reputation in the marketplace and they wanted to ensure they had their brand protected to ensure no one could copy them and piggy back off their hard earned reputations. Agent 6, Sydney digital marketing agency, wanted to ensure that what they were building was going to be on a secure brand platform. Mr Sparky wanted to ensure that he was able to keep his brand and stop new players from entering the industry using the brand.

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