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A patent attorney firm for innovators

Innovative technologies, new product development and bright ideas that are both unique and highly commercial are a rare and valuable commodity. If you or a team member have invented or developed an impactful innovation, you need a patent attorney firm that:

  1. has a deep understanding of your area of technology, that can get to the core of your idea quickly and provide careful patent & trade mark attorney counsel;
  2. that is experienced in the patent end game – negotiation, licensing and enforcement; and
  3. understands and can integrate your IP with the entire innovation process from protection to commercialisation, capital raising and development.

You need an IP firm that has walked the walk.

A trade mark attorney firm for distinctive brands:

Often equally or even more valuable than unique ideas, are distinctive brands that are recognised by their target markets. If your business has created or is using a brand you do not want others to use, you need a trade mark attorney firm that:

  1. Can help you choose the right brand or type of trade marks to file based on the learning arising from the team’s voluminous track record of trade mark experience
  2. Is highly responsive and transparent on pricing

Baxter IP identifies, protects and grows your IP

With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, we are a mid-sized firm that offers the combined resources of a close-knit network of highly experienced patent & trade mark attorneys, specialists in software, engineering and pharmaceuticals IP and trade marks, who are poised to protect what’s yours.

Our 2000+ strong client base ranges from a number of well-known multinational corporations, universities and SMEs to venture capital firms, tech start-ups and many successful entrepreneurs, all of whom benefit from our breadth of expertise and experience.

We are one of only a handful of boutique, mid-sized patent and trade mark attorney firms in Australia and clients benefit from accessing the expertise and systems of a large firm at mid-tier rates with predictable, capped fees.

Uniquely, qualifying clients can access our capital and commercialisation partners to assist them with raising capital or in taking steps involved in commercialising their intellectual property.

Most awarded mid-sized patent & trade mark firm in Australia

We are one of the most awarded mid-sized firms in Australia, particularly for our expertise in software patenting. In addition, many of our attorneys have individually received awards too.

Outstanding and proven client service track record

Whilst we are appreciative of the awards we have received, what is much more important to us is the experience clients have in working with us. We survey our clients every six months and our latest Net Promoter Score was an outstanding 62 in 2020. Net Promoter score is the normative scoring method for client happiness used by large corporations and scores range from -100 to +100.

Strong patents & experienced trade mark counsel

By leveraging the industry specific expertise of our patent attorneys, we can pursue the broadest possible patent coverage for your idea or technology. Awarded for thinking outside the box, we excel in international patenting and mitigating future risk by careful and comprehensive counsel. Our patent applications not only meet international standards but are prepared by patent attorneys who are specialists in their fields.

From in-house experience managing hundreds of trade marks for large international brands to addressing cease and desist letters from international corporations, our trade mark attorneys can strengthen and defend your brand. Our trade mark team is always discussing latest case outcomes and developments in case law and practice on our internal professional development platform, so we are poised to give your valuable trade mark the best opportunity for success.

Advice reinforced by IP enforcement and litigation experience

We work closely with lawyers and barristers to defend and enforce client IP rights, effectively providing end-to-end service for contentious matters. We filter the learnings and knowledge from contentious cases and patent litigation back up to our patent and trade mark attorneys, so we can draft stronger, more defensible patent and trade mark applications. If the ability to enforce your intellectual property is part of your commercial risk mitigation strategy, you are in no better hands than Baxter IP.

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