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Whether your dispute requires strategic negotiation, a cease and desist letter, mediation, arbitration, opposition or, in consultation with our legal team, Federal court enforcement we’re ready to help you identify options for resolution.

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Strong & Efficient Counsel

From determining patent infringement and sending a cease and desist letter through to a patent opposition or negotiating a dispute, our experienced patent attorneys are ready to guide you.

Resolution focussed on commercial objectives

We will start by ensuring that we understand your commercial objectives very clearly and focus on dispute resolution options that achieve as many of these objectives as possible.

Successful track record on patent disputes

A track record of successful client outcomes before the Federal Court, IP Australia Hearings Department and in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Awarded patent dispute specialists

A team of 9 patent attorneys handling disputes means we are at the cutting edge of dispute strategy and processes. Our team is one of the most awarded mid-sized IP firms in Australia.

Our awards

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