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Our Trademark Attorney Teams in Sydney & Melbourne are Poised to Protect & Defend Your Brand

Our Trademark Attorneys

Martin Earley, Patent Attorney Melbourne Martin Earley
Barry Meskin, Patent and Trade Mark Attorney Barry Meskin
Michael Smith, Patent and Trade Mark Attorney Michael Smith
Paula Chavez, Paten & Trade Marks Attorney Sydney Paula Chavez
Belinda Slattery, Trademark Attorney Belinda Slattery
Warren Chandler, Trademark Attorney Melbourne Warren Chandler
Sky Chien, Patent & Trade Marks Attorney Sky Chien
Joanne Li, Trade Marks Professional Joanne Li

"Our trademark attorneys can secure strategic trademark protection for your brands in Australia & overseas"
  1. We have a passion for helping businesses protect their brands – so whether you’re a small or medium business, or a major national brand we have the right team and the right experience for you.
  2. We can provide you with a tailor made trademark strategy to suit your business, taking into account the nature of your product, your target markets and your budget.
  3. We will advise you at every step of the way, from initial concept through to registration, through to national or global recognition. We will guide you through the maze of intellectual property legislation, to put you into the best position for acquisition, exploitation and protection.
  4. And all of our advice will be given in a way that fits with your wider strategic picture. We enjoy working closely with our clients so that we truly understand the nature of their business, in order to achieve the goal of effectively protecting and exploiting their brand.

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Melbourne Office

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Brisbane Office

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Brisbane QLD 4000
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