Just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and your team for the work done in putting together the provisional patent application. The level of work and detail has exceeded my expectations.

Kristian Hedge

We decided to invest in a patent for our LC888 window lock. Baxter IP Patent Attorneys assisted us with the process which can be very involved, their advice was helpful and we would recommend their services.

Craig Levey / the Manager of LEVCOL

I cannot recommend Chris Baxter’s skills as a patent attorney highly enough. Chris’ strength lies with his ability to work closely with the inventor. Too many patents are open to unlicensed use because a clever copier can avoid infringement by exploiting weaknesses in an invention’s specification and claims. Avoiding these weaknesses requires the ability to foresee alternative ways in which the invention could be used without infringing the patent.

Dr Ian Doig from Pumping Solutions

We approached Baxter IP Patent Attorneys to work with us on the registration of a patent. During Chris’ preliminary searches he found a similar product already in the marketplace that our searches failed to find. Although we were unable to patent our product, Chris’s honesty and professionalism saved us thousands of dollars in unnecessary searches and registration fees. If you are looking for a Patent Attorney, I would highly recommend Baxter IP Patent Attorneys.

Stuart Thomson from travelgoods.com

Thank you for your excellent and efficient service. Your response time was extremely fast and the information presented was clear. We will use your services again.

Eddy Feligueira from Smartech Designs Pty Ltd

I would like to thank you and your team on the professional way you have helped me in developing a patent. I would also like to say that you gave me all the correct information on how patents work and the costing and left it up to me if I wanted to proceed or not with the patent. I would also highly recommend you and your company to anyone who is thinking about doing a patent.

Ben Halliday from Austa Pty Ltd

From the initial meeting through to the lodging of a patent I have been very impressed with Baxter IP Patent Attorneys’s punctuality of program, utmost professional attention to detail and above all their width of thinking.

Bruce Hanlee from X2 Design Pty Ltd

We recently engaged Baxter IP Patent Attorneys to manage and direct our Intellectual Property needs. We found Chris to be very responsive, committed and diligent in his approach to providing us with direction to matters that became urgent. Chris demonstrated that he could offer creative solutions to solve problems and meet some very tight deadlines. To achieve this it is evident that Chris has valuable skills and knowledge that can only be gained through extensive experience. Chris is currently preparing a global strategic direction for the Popcake suite of products. Chris comprehended future issues, and there are numerous conflicting factors, and reported these to Board of Directors without ambiguity and clear future corporate direction.

Marek Szymanski / the Managing Director of Popcake Int Pty Ltd

As a technology company reliant on IP for our success, it is paramount to retain competent and experienced IP advisors and services. Baxter IP Patent Attorneys were able to guide us through our technically demanding patent space quickly and efficiently, while maintaining excellent feedback and communication throughout. We are happy with both the advice and services provided by Baxter IP Patent Attorneys, and will continue to engage Chris and his team for our future IP needs.

Leo McHugh, PhD / Highlight Ventures Pty Ltd / Adventure Aerospace Pty Ltd