Clients share their thoughts on our patent & trade mark attorneys

Today I had my first meeting with a lawyer who specialised in trade mark registration. A very beautiful girl arrived and I didn’t think she was the lawyer. She was very kind and very professional, very well explaining all the various scenarios and costs involved for the registration of an international brand. In addition, she put me on a conference call with a colleague of hers who specialized in copywriting, who was also very, very helpful. Without any doubt I suggest working with Baxter IP and in detail with the lawyer, Joanne Li.

Alessandro Masini

I had a wonderful experience with Baxter IP. I would recommend them to anyone looking to protect their business/idea. Paul Goodall was so helpful.

Sarah Hetherington

To whom it may concern I feel it is important to pass on a very positive message to any prospective client that may be considering your specialised services. After talking on the phone with Martin Earley, I could easily see how professional he is. I called at closing time and 5 minutes into our conversation regarding my unique intellectual property inquiry I mentioned I had no money. At no time did he make feel as though I was wasting his time and we spent 46 minutes after hours on the phone dealing with various aspects about numerous projects I am currently working on. During the entire conversation his only concern was how it is he can help me and he did just that at no cost to my self and it showed me how passionate he is about intellectual property and it showed me how much he cares. Sincerely, James Sheffield.

James Sheffield

Joanne was very patient and professional, highly recommended.

Rotus Zhang

It was a pleasure working with Mike Biagio. My business partner and I are very grateful for the care he took with us. We are very appreciative of his expert advice, professionalism and openness to explain things in detail. He is truly passionate about IP protection and very knowledgeable. And also wonderfully approachable and friendly. Would not hesitate to recommend his exceptional services to associates, friends and family. Many thanks Mike!

Kel H

Very happy to recommend Baxter IP, Especially very grateful to Barry who has been amazing with our TM journey always helpful in person and phone call conversations. Keeps us updated informing us on all progress and development. With Pleasure happy to say we will be continuing to work with Barry at Baxter IP.

Kanun Onsel

I did interact with a few patent attorneys and this one kept in contact while also made contact available through a mutual facebook startup group! As a designer, Chris (Baxter) also refereed me to some appropriate clients and I really value that sort of networking.

Vanessa Stefanova

I have recently consulted with Joanne Li and I am very pleased with her service. Her genuine interest in others and enthusiasm for building relationships make her a pleasure to work with. Beyond her commendable social prowess, Joanne is a phenomenal resource with an intuitive grasp of Patent & Trade Mark Attorney procedural knowledge. She is definitely an asset to any organisation and her knowledge base in Patent & Trade Mark is a credit to her clients. I would highly recommend Joanne.

Bo Pang

Our company’s “mission impossible” IP Grant hundred percent benefits from Dr. Qi Zhang’s expertised knowledge of informaiton technology and hands on experience of IP application. Really appreciate the service delivered by BaxterIP and would definetely introduce fellow businesses to seek IP solution from BaxterIP.

Arthur Li