Brand Owners and Brexit

Brand owners and Brexit

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In June 2016, the people of the United Kingdom decided by referendum that it was time to leave the European Union (EU). Clearly, this is profound decision that will have an impact of many different aspects of the UK and European economies.  But what will the impact of Brexit be for brand owners who use …

Monetizing of Intangible Assets

Monetising of intangible assets

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We all wish to make money from our assets. This can be from our tangible assets or our intangible assets Monetising of intangible assets A company’s intangible assets can take many forms. Most commonly, they exist in the form of patents, trade marks, designs and copyrights – however, this list is not exhaustive. Traditionally, there …


How exclusive does a patent licence need to be in order to qualify as an ‘exclusive licence’ under the Patents Act?

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In the enforcement of patent rights, disputes over whether a patent is infringed may lead to the institution of infringement proceedings before the court. The Patents Act 1990 provides that court proceedings for patent infringement may be started by the patentee or an exclusive licensee. In a few recent decisions, the standing of parties starting …


Term Sheet – Licensing

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At Baxter IP, we have a number of strategies to help you to commercialise your IP via licensing – and we work closely with clients to formulate their optimum negotiation position and therefore maximise the commercial value of their IP. I’ve spent a large part of my career involved in international licensing of technology. This …

When does an exclusive licensee have standing to sue for infringement?

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Our patent attorneys have been asked a number of times by foreign associate attorneys as to whether an exclusive licensee need have exclusive rights in a patent in order to have standing to sue to protect those rights against infringement by an unauthorized third party. In the US, the position was clarified in WiAV Solutions …