Binh Rey on EXPO Virtual

Brand theft can be easily avoided

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Binh Rey on EXPO Virtual: “IT is crucial for business owners, big or small, to know the intricacies of trademark registration…”

Business Names, Company Names And Trade Marks – A Confusing Mix of Red Tape

Business names, company names and trade marks – a confusing mix of red tape

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When starting a new business the first thing most entrepreneurs choose is a name. Once chosen they typically have this registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission as a business name or as a company and mistakenly think that this gives them the rights to the name. This is absolutely not the case and …

Trade marks vs Copyright

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Trade marks are signs or symbols, usually in the form of words, logos, or combinations of words and logos. Trademarks are used in the course of trade or commerce by a trader, to identify the origin of their goods or services. Other traders who use an identical (or deceptively similar) mark for goods or services …

Website Disputes - the importance of Trade Marks to protect your website

Website disputes – the importance of trade marks to protect your website

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Having a registered Trade Mark is an advantage in a dispute resolution procedure to maintain or to retrieve a similar domain name from another website registrant.Consider the situation where a third party owns a domain name identical or similar to your Trade Mark. A number of Court actions are available to stop use of a …

Baxter IP provides enforceable patents

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It is important that a patent is an effective tool that assists the commercial exploitation of a new invention. Therefore patents need to be written well. Further they need to have a strong claim to the invention that is enforceable to stop others unlawfully exploiting the monopoly to the invention, which is granted by the …

Apple vs. Samsung

Preliminary injunction sought by Apple against Samsung Galaxy in the US

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Introduction Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Apple, Inc., two of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones and tablets in the world, have been embroiled in a number of bitter patent lawsuits in North America, Europe and Asia in recent times. In April 2011, Apple initiated proceedings in the United States by filing a patent infringement lawsuit …