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Dr Richard Grant
It is important when preparing patent applications to listen to the client closely. It’s very easy to think that you understand what the client is saying when, in fact, they mean something subtly different. Drafting a patent specification involves reflecting the inventor’s new technology faithfully, as well as balancing the sometimes conflicting requirements of multiple jurisdictions and anticipating possible issues that may be raised by the Patent Office or a third party.
– Dr Richard Grant - Senior Patent Attorney

Richard has a PhD in organic chemistry and spent 20 years working as a researcher in the academic sphere and at CSIRO, and as a researcher/research manager in industry. His industrial experience spans both small start-up companies and large multinationals. He has been a designated inventor on several patent applications arising from that research.

He also has around 16 years experience as a patent attorney, most recently as a principal of a prominent Australian firm. He has worked on a wide range of chemical inventions spanning organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, polymer synthesis and processing, polymer composites, solar energy, carbon sequestration, graphene synthesis, sensor technology and others. Richard has drafted several hundred patent applications and successfully prosecuted many of these through to granted patents, both locally and in foreign jurisdictions. He has also provided opinions on patentability and infringement, and strategic advice for management of patent portfolios.

Richard has worked with sole inventors, SMEs, universities, government laboratories and major multinationals to achieve their IP goals. He particularly enjoys working with local clients, where he has more scope to work directly with inventors and to provide strategic advice so as to promote clients’ commercial objectives. Having worked extensively both as a researcher and as an attorney, Richard understands the patenting process from both angles, enabling him to provide clear and realistic advice to clients.

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