Mechanical Engineering and Mining Patents

Mechanical engineering, mining & processing inventions are the lifeblood of society, creating incremental and sometimes revolutionary changes to our standard of living, industrial capability and resource availability.

What’s patentable?

So long as your mechanical apparatus or process invention defines at least one new and inventive feature with functional utility, it will be patentable in any country around the world.

Examples of Mechanical Engineering and Mining Patent applications

  • Automotive engineering patent applications
  • Aeronautical systems patent applications
  • Mechanical devices patent applications
  • Mining equipment and systems patent applications
  • Commercial food service equipment patent applications
  • Heavy engineering vehicles and equipment patent applications
  • Logistics, materials handling and packaging patent applications
  • Manufacturing machinery and processes patent applications
  • Machine tools patent applications
  • Pumps, turbines and engines patent applications
  • Agricultural equipment patent applications
  • Recycling processes and equipment patent applications
  • Dispensing systems and devices patent applications
  • Safety products and systems patent applications
  • Weapons systems patent applications
  • Clean technology patent applications

What are the key regions for Mechanical Engineering and Mining Patents?

  • USA – a large manufacturing and mining country.
  • China – the largest manufacturing country in the world, and a significant mining country.
  • Europe – a large heavy manufacturing region and a world leader in clean technology.
  • Canada – a large player in the world mining sector.
  • Australia – a heavyweight in the world mining sector.
  • Russia – a huge market for mining and petroleum industries.