Electrical Engineering and Electronics Patents

Advances and innovation in electronic and electromechanical technology have revolutionised and continue to revolutionise the modern world. Electronic and electromechanical technology is a key foundation upon which many industries rely. It is a fast moving sector for development with innovation as a driving force. The sector covers fields as diverse as transaction terminals to laser engineering and is the most heavily patented technology sector in the world.

What’s patentable?

So long as your electrical engineering or electronic device technology is new and inventive, it will be patentable in any country around the world. Circuit board layout designs per se are not patentable in most countries but can often be registered under copyright or country specific circuit layout protection schemes.

Examples of Electrical Engineering and Electronics Patent applications

  • Computer hardware patent applications
  • Control systems patent applications
  • Fixed and wireless communications systems patent applications
  • Gaming and lottery systems patent applications
  • Electronic transaction terminals and networks patent applications
  • Electric motors patent applications
  • Electro-mechanical devices patent applications
  • Environmental and process sensors patent applications
  • Machine learning patent applications
  • Artificial Intelligence patent applications
  • Navigation and location services patent applications
  • Power systems patent applications
  • Robotics and automation patent applications
  • Semiconductor devices patent applications
  • Signal processing patent applications
  • Human computer interaction patent applications
  • Communications protocols patent applications
  • Telecommunications patent applications
  • Weapons systems patent applications

What are the key regions for Electrical Engineering and Electronics Patents?

  • USA – largest consumer market in the world
  • China – major manufacturing industry in the world and fastest growing consumer market.
  • Europe – many countries can be protected by a single application and the 2nd largest consumer region in the world
  • Japan – significant electrical technological industry and market
  • Korea – large electronics & mobile companies
  • Australia – particularly if this is your pilot market and it’s inexpensive