Consumer Product Patents

Often the simplest innovations are the most profitable and carry the least commercialisation risk. Contrary to popular belief, simplicity is absolutely no bar to patentability – patents, registered designs and trade marks are granted on new consumer products every day and are enforced around the world. This allows companies and entrepreneurs to benefit financially from their bright ideas and investment in innovation.

What products are patentable?

So long as your consumer product is new, inventive and has functional utility, it will be patentable in any country around the world.

Examples of Consumer Product Patent applications

  • Consumer electronics patent applications
  • Kitchen & laundry appliances patent applications
  • Clothing, footwear and fashion patent applications & registered designs
  • Sporting equipment patent applications
  • Toys & novelty goods patent applications
  • Architectural Fittings patent applications
  • Furniture patent applications
  • Packaging patent applications
  • Tapware patent applications
  • Lighting patent applications

What are the key regions for Consumer Product Patents?

  • USA – largest consumer product market in the world
  • China – 90% of consumer products are manufactured in China and the 4th largest consumer market in the world
  • Europe – many countries can be protected by a single product patent application and the 2nd largest consumer region in the world
  • Australia – particularly if this is your pilot market and inexpensive
  • New Zealand – inexpensive addition to an Australian application as our firm files directly in NZ too