Sky Chien
Patent Professional
Trade Marks Attorney

Meet Sky Chien
Patent Professional & Trade Marks Attorney

"To me, IP is the cornerstone for companies looking to secure their competitive edge, expanding their business operations and capitalising on their investments. I love the challenges involved in IP, and I enjoy applying my knowledge and skill in assisting our clients to overcome potential hurdles in commercialising their innovation."

Sky Chien - Patent Professional & Trade Marks Attorney

Sky graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Pharmacology. He went on to complete a Master of Business from Bond University before joining PricewaterhouseCoopers. In his role as an associate advising on business transactions, due diligence and valuations, Sky was actively engaged with the research, valuation and transaction of IP, in particular with patents and trade marks.

Sky’s interests encompass the realms of both science and commerce. Through his involvement in commercial IP transactions he developed a strong appreciation of the varied legal systems around the world and of how IP strategy can vary accordingly from country to country.To consolidate his understanding of the Australian IP legal system and pursue his career as a patent attorney, Sky completed a Master Degree in Intellectual Property from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Sky is a Registered Trade Mark Attorney, a patent specialist and is soon to become a Registered Australian Patent Attorney.

Sky has extensive experience in the research and preparation of IP and business analysis via patent mapping, IP reports and SWOT analysis. He leverages this information to devise IP strategies for multinational companies, helping clients inaligning their IP to their broader business model and development strategy.

As a previous keynote lecturer with theNational Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, Sky ran regular seminars around developing IP strategies for businesses. His seminars explained the integrated relationship between IP and the fields of science, technology, business and law, and showed how crucial it is to consider the interplay between these areas in the development, protection and management of IP.

When not at work Sky enjoys reading and researching real estate.

Attorney Snapshot

  • Registered Trade Marks Attorney in Australia and New Zealand
  • 8 years’ experience as an IP Professional
  • Experience as an associate in tax & legal services with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), specializing in preparation of transfer pricing reports and advisory services for business transactions.
  • Experience as a project manager in IP portfolio management and commercialization, specializing in Identifying IP for protections; perform patentability & marketability assessments; patent mapping, business plans and SWOT analysis; facilitating technology transfers from the university to collaborative partners; Marketing and commercializing the IP, and building core IP portfolios
  • Advisor and counsel for Startups
  • Specialist in IP and business strategies
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology from University of Sydney; Master of Business from Bond University; Master of Intellectual Property from University of Technology, Sydney
  • Fluency in English and Chinese, and basic Japanese

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