Power innovation, defend success ~ Baxter IP is now Australia’s 5th largest private IP attorney practice

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Power innovation, defend success ~ Baxter IP is now Australia’s 5th largest private IP attorney practice

Innovation keeps our world moving forward. For our clients at Baxter IP, it means developing ideas that make a difference in their industries and that also make sense from a commercial standpoint; for our organisation, it means continually looking for new ways to operate to help you achieve those goals. In recent years, we have made significant investments into growth across the firm by positioning ourselves as leading IP experts in emerging technologies, expanding our geographical reach, collaborating with outside entities to offer local clients a broad spectrum service, and building the strongest team of IP professionals yet.

Throughout our trajectory of growth, we have remained committed to our roots as a premium, boutique IP practice that walks with you from patent protection through to commercialisation, development and design. For our 2000+ Australian clients – including some of Australia’s largest universities, export manufacturers, small businesses and entrepreneurs – it has proven to be a dynamic, personalised, and integrated experience that has now been further bolstered by the re-launch of our in-house IP valuation service.

So what’s new in a nutshell?

  • We now offer IP valuation services
  • Paula Chavez, a US patent attorney, has joined our Sydney team
  • Michael Smith, an Australian patent attorney and litigator has joined our Melbourne team
  • Our Melbourne team will be moving to a new office at the start of next financial year
  • The BIP Commercialisation Partners is growing its alliance partnerships with a very exciting alliance in the accounting space and another in the capital space

Crucial to delivering such a unique service is our dedicated team of IP professionals. Our current collective of 8 registered patent attorneys, 8 registered trade mark attorneys and 2 IP specialist solicitors each possess a diverse skill set and industry niche that gives us an edge in covering all technology areas, including medical, software, engineering, mining, biotechnology and FMCG. Growth across the firm has seen us attract exceptional talent that have a great deal to offer to our existing structure. In the past two months alone, we welcomed Michael Smith and Paula Natasha Chavez to our Melbourne and Sydney offices respectively, extending our IP litigation capability with a combined 32 years of experience in Australia and abroad.

As you continue to push boundaries in your chosen field, it remains crucial that we position ourselves as leaders in the Australian legal landscape across fields such as blockchain technologies . The ways in which we collaborate with outside entities also ensures that you are provided with the resources of a large corporation without the hidden fees.

On behalf of Baxter IP, I look forward to continuing to share this journey with you as we continue to expand our service offering and innovate together, now and into the future.