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FORMULA 1 Is Back To MELBOURNE – is its Intellectual Property protected?

Formula 1 is an intensive technology sport, and the latest engine and chassis rule changes have imposed a whole new set of challenges on the teams.  Surely these new ideas […]

What Are Patents? – BaxterIP Melbourne.

Patents are Agreements with the Public On one side of the agreement, you undertake the great idea of your invention that is not previously known by the public.  In return […]

Getting your Patent Portfolio Ready for Early Stage Investment

During commercialisation, inventors, start-ups and the like often seek investment by leveraging off their intellectual property. However, whereas investment funding is often required during the early stage commercialisation, the granting […]

Commercialisation and Patent Strategies

Although the inventor finds a valuable and inspirational sense of accomplishment by the creation of a new idea, it is the commercialisation of that invention which completes the overall success.  […]

Flying high with Baxter IP

Baxter IP Melbourne Office helps your projects soar. I am excited to be working in Melbourne as part of the world renowned Sydney based patent attorney firm Baxter IP Patent […]

Patent Attorneys Inspired By Design

Our patent attorneys often work together with industrial designers in preparing thorough patent applications for product related ideas. By working with a brains-trust, including patent attorneys and industrial designers to […]

Term Sheet – Licensing

At Baxter IP we have a number of strategies to help you to commercialise your IP via licensing – and we work closely with clients to formulate their optimum negotiation […]

Preliminary injunction sought by Apple against Samsung Galaxy in the US

INTRODUCTION Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Apple, Inc., two of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones and tablets in the world, have been embroiled in a number of bitter patent lawsuits […]

Patent-Eligibility of “Business Methods” – No Longer Business as Usual

By Baxter IP, as presented at the Legal Wise Seminar on 31 May 2012. Recently is has become difficult if not impossible to patent “business methods” in Australia. Such is […]

Don’t be clotheslined by the “Raising the Bar” Bill when filing divisional applications

The “Raising the Bar Bill”, introduced on 22 June 2011, attempts to support innovation in Australia. One aspect, addressed by Schedule 3 of the Bill, seeks to reduce the abuse […]

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