Meeting with UK IP Attorney Associates

Posted by Chris Baxter on

Meeting with UK IP Attorney Associates

One of our UK IP Attorney Associates ventured out to warmer weather recently and paid us a visit today to discuss recent EPO (European Patent Office) Law Updates.

Filing of EP Divisionals

Of particular note is the reversion of EPO divisionals policy back to allowing EP (European) divisionals to be filed on the basis of any EP pending application (i.e. any patent application that has not yet been granted). This update has removed the time restriction that was previously in place.

EP Expedited Examination

Our IP Attorney Associate has also pointed out that examination of any EP application can be expedited without a reason required to be given. If examination is expedited, then an EP examination report should be received within 3 months of the request for expedited examination being made. Therefore, unless there is a strategy in place to draw out the prosecution process, expedited examination is an inexpensive option to speed up the EP patent application process.