Community Focus

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Community Focus

At Baxter IP, we think that a successful collaboration with our clients is not only the result of outstanding intellectual property services and a close working relationship with clients; it is also about making sure our clients only pay for what they really need.

So as to provide an efficient and pleasant back office experience, we have created a state of the art administrative and financial department. Thanks to the extensive use of technology like cloud-based case management, accounting software and knowledge management databases, our teams are able to dedicate more value-adding time to our clients and provide bespoke solutions to meet their requirements.

Baxter IP not only relies on a strong base of highly-skilled and qualified professionals with leadership experience in various industries, but also promotes and supports the new generations. We believe in young people, who, well mentored and trained, boost the firm’s dynamism and ability to develop creative solutions. In line with its family values of philanthropy and community service, Baxter IP management decided early-on to train highly qualified and motivated students on the best of its back office know-how. Interns develop a unique and varied skillset across in fields such as accounting and IT.

Thanks to this strong involvement in developing Australia’s future, Baxter IP’s efforts were rewarded with the sought out award of the “most supportive host company” given by Performance Education, its long-time partner. We are proud to be involved in mentoring smart and dynamic young professionals into the Australian workplace.