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Registered Designs

Are Design Registrations becoming a more useful IP protection?

Earlier this week the Australian Government’s Advisory Council on Intellectual Property published its final report that was completed in March 2015.  The report of the Design registration system follows a […]

Australian Intellectual Property Report 2014

The Australian Patent Office, IP Australia has recently released a report on the state of IP Rights in Australia in the year 2013. The annual report, in it’s second year, compares Australia […]

Intellectual Property – In a Nutshell

Recently, I have been approached with various enquiries from clients as to what can indeed be patented? Without delving into the nuts and bolts of patentability requirements set forth in […]

Google receives patent for its home page

As of the first September 2009, Google the search engine created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, received a patent for its home page design. This was issued by the […]