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Provisional Patent Applications

Inventors’ Association of Victoria

Not only does BaxterIP meet inventors every day but Warren Chandler of BaxterIP also provides discussion of patent, design and trade mark matters to the Inventors Association of Australia (Victoria […]

Never disclose without protection

The golden rule is never disclose without protection. Many inventors are often surprised that any disclosure of an invention, even by themselves, can invalidate a subsequently filed patent application. However, […]

Getting your Patent Portfolio Ready for Early Stage Investment

During commercialisation, inventors, start-ups and the like often seek investment by leveraging off their intellectual property. However, whereas investment funding is often required during the early stage commercialisation, the granting […]

Why do you need an Intellectual Property Attorney

Proper preparation of a patent specification is probably the most important part of any patent application process. The patent specification must not only meet certain substantive requirements such as fully […]

Baxter IP’s Unique Approach to Drafting Provisional Patent Specifications

One of the key roles of a provisional patent application is the establishment of a priority date, which is the patentee’s earliest claimed filing date for his patent.  The provisional […]

Having a patent attorney draft the specification for your patent application is more important that you might think.

After having started as a student intern at Baxter IP in 2007, I quickly realised that drafting a patent specification is more technical and nuanced than I had initially imagined. […]

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