Australian Intellectual Property Report 2014

The Australian Patent Office, IP Australia has recently released a report on the state of IP Rights in Australia in the year 2013. The annual report, in it’s second year, compares Australia […]

Meeting with UK IP Attorney Associates

One of our UK IP Attorney Associates ventured out to warmer weather recently and paid us a visit today to discuss recent EPO (European Patent Office) Law Updates. Filing of […]

New use of an old product

A patentable invention is defined as ‘a manner of manufacture within the meaning of section 6 of the Statute of Monopolies’ [1], while an invention according to Schedule 1 is […]

New Zealand patent system gets a shakeup

New Zealand patent system gets a shakeup New provisions according to the New Zealand patent statue it take effect for new New Zealand cases filed after 14 September 2014. Changes […]

Dividing up the cake – thoughts for the inventor

When kicking off a new business to commercialise a new and innovative product or technology, inventors often recognise the value in bringing experienced business partners alongside them. Business partners might […]

Treatment of Human Beings as patentable subject matter has a long and vexed history.

There are reconfirming decisions in the Australian Courts to show clear protection methods in this field.  To understand the position there are two distinct elements to this question – Patentable […]

FORMULA 1 Is Back To MELBOURNE – is its Intellectual Property protected?

Formula 1 is an intensive technology sport, and the latest engine and chassis rule changes have imposed a whole new set of challenges on the teams.  Surely these new ideas […]

Getting your Patent Portfolio Ready for Early Stage Investment

During commercialisation, inventors, start-ups and the like often seek investment by leveraging off their intellectual property. However, whereas investment funding is often required during the early stage commercialisation, the granting […]

Term Sheet – Licensing

At Baxter IP we have a number of strategies to help you to commercialise your IP via licensing – and we work closely with clients to formulate their optimum negotiation […]

Preliminary injunction sought by Apple against Samsung Galaxy in the US

INTRODUCTION Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Apple, Inc., two of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones and tablets in the world, have been embroiled in a number of bitter patent lawsuits […]

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