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Patent Novelty Searches

Patent Intelligence – Legal, Commercial ‘Espionage’

Innovating is performed with a purpose of advancing the state of the art. So then, how does a business know in which direction to innovate to advance the state of […]

Expediting your International Patent Applications via the GPPH

Many patent applicants seek international patent protection for their inventions, so they can acquire monopoly rights in the foreign jurisdictions where they are hope to obtain a meaningful market share […]

Patent Searching: Boon or Bane?

Patent searches are an important commercial tool for reasons depending on the type of search being conducted.  However, the mere act of conducting patent searches to obtain relevant information about […]

World’s first online application for a patent search service

Patent Search Online offers the following benefits The whole application process takes place over a secure URL which uses HTTPS protocol and has a 128bit Security Certificate. The confidentiality of […]