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National Patent Applications

Chinese Patent Law and Practice

In November 2011, Chris visited patent attorney firms in Guangzhou Baxter IP works with and to learn more about Chinese patent law and practice. Here are his notes! Chinese Invention […]

Why do you need an Intellectual Property Attorney

Proper preparation of a patent specification is probably the most important part of any patent application process. The patent specification must not only meet certain substantive requirements such as fully […]

New Zealand Patent Bill

The New Zealand Patent Bill, which is scheduled to replace the Patents Act 1953, is due to be brought into force by 31 December 2012. The new Patent Bill is […]

Streamlined Process for Trans-Tasman Patents

In a recent announcement1, IP Australia and the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (“IPONZ”) have agreed on an implementation plan to introduce a streamlined patent process that will allow a […]

Australian Patent Office Practice narrows the scope for software related inventions

A recent shift in the examination practice of the Australian Patent Office may result in certain software related application being rejected for not being patentable. Generally, Australian Patent Law shows […]

Australian & New Zealand Single Regulatory Framework For Patent Attorney Profession

The Australian patent attorney profession is currently regulated by the Professional Standards Board for Patent Attorneys. A reform is currently being proposed by IP Australia that would see the establishment […]

Patent Attorney on Developments in Patent Enforcement In China

In late 2010, the Chinese government launched a new national campaign to crack down on violations of intellectual property rights (IPRs) and on the production and distribution of fake and […]

When Does An Exclusive Licensee Have Standing To Sue For Infringement? Patent Attorney Answers…

Our patent attorneys have been asked a number of times by foreign associate attorneys as to whether an exclusive licensee need have exclusive rights in a patent in order to […]

One-Click Computer Implemented Business Method Patent Allowed In Canada

In a recent development, a Canadian federal court has ruled in favour of Inc. allowing them to patent their “one-click” order process for online shopping. The online retail giant […]

Patent attorneys are often asked about the difference between copyright & patents?

Inventors often ask our patent attorneys, “How can I copyright my idea?”. We answer, “Do you mean patent your idea?”. There is a distinct difference between what copyright and patents […]

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