It’s patented now, but can you commercialise it? – Baxter IP

It can be difficult to get your head around the concepts of “patentability” (the ability to patent your invention) and “freedom to operate” (the ability to commercialise your invention).  In […]

Patent Searching: Boon or Bane?

Patent searches are an important commercial tool for reasons depending on the type of search being conducted.  However, the mere act of conducting patent searches to obtain relevant information about […]

Are Drinks and Liquids Patentable?

In order to obtain a valid patent, the subject matter of a patent application must meet a minimum threshold requirement of being patentable subject matter in the first instance, and […]

What do I need to disclose about “prior art”?

a patent obtained through concealment of relevant prior art is not a reliable commercial asset You know that it is important to advise your patent attorney of everything about your invention – […]

3 Ways to Push Back Patent Costs

As a fundamental value driver in early stage technology businesses, entrepreneur are sensibly reluctant to reduce the scope of their IP coverage due to financial constraints. With the cost of […]

Using IP valuation to align your marketing strategy and intellectual assets

Identifying brand support intangibles through IP valuation Brands don’t exist in a vacuum. It is not purely the look or text of the word or logo that appeals to consumers […]

Insights and Tips from Chris’ China Trip

Having recently returned home from three weeks in Beijing and one week in Taipei and having refreshed myself with the mineral water equivalent of world air quality here in Sydney, […]

Baxter IP Client Snaploader: Leaping into the digital era with novel experience at viewing imagery

“An image is worth a thousand words,” says the proverbial adage, and Eric Fink from Snaploader could not agree more. Successful entrepreneur in the fashion and retail industry and former […]

How to Patent a Smartphone App

The smartphone app market is quickly becoming one of the most fast-moving, competitive, and indeed, for those who get it right, lucrative, market sectors of the modern digital revolution.  Many […]

Inventors’ Association of Victoria

Not only does BaxterIP meet inventors every day but Warren Chandler of BaxterIP also provides discussion of patent, design and trade mark matters to the Inventors Association of Australia (Victoria […]

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