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IP Enforcement

Streamlining patent prosecution with the Global Patent Prosecution Highway

The Global Patent Prosecution Highway (GPPH) has been introduced in 19 participating patent offices with a view to streamlining grant of patents in these offices by sharing work that has […]

Never disclose without protection

The golden rule is never disclose without protection. Many inventors are often surprised that any disclosure of an invention, even by themselves, can invalidate a subsequently filed patent application. However, […]

Preliminary injunction sought by Apple against Samsung Galaxy in the US

INTRODUCTION Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Apple, Inc., two of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones and tablets in the world, have been embroiled in a number of bitter patent lawsuits […]

REVEALED: Samsung OZ Tab Stockpiles Ready To Go

Reidy, O. (01/12/2011). REVEALED: Samsung OZ Tab Stockpiles Ready To Go. Retrieved from Samsung are loading artillery of the Android running Galaxy 10.1 to Australia, according to sources. […]

CNBC Interviews Chris Baxter on the Apple Samsung Patent Wars

Chris has released his preparation notes for the interview below: What is this Apple Samsung patent war all about? Apple has taken action against Samsung in a number of countries […]

Patent Attorney on Developments in Patent Enforcement In China

In late 2010, the Chinese government launched a new national campaign to crack down on violations of intellectual property rights (IPRs) and on the production and distribution of fake and […]

When Does An Exclusive Licensee Have Standing To Sue For Infringement? Patent Attorney Answers…

Our patent attorneys have been asked a number of times by foreign associate attorneys as to whether an exclusive licensee need have exclusive rights in a patent in order to […]

AFP cracks down on organised counterfeiting – victory for IP rights owners and patent attorneys

In a statement issued by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), it was announced that during the week commencing 13th Sept, 21 warrants were executed across Australia in relation to the […]

Patent Attorneys Watch Carefully As Uniloc Fights Again

Uniloc, a software company specialising in IT security and piracy protection, was brought to the international spotlight with its lawsuit against Microsoft for infringing its patent relating to product activation […]

Post-Grant Patent Enforcement Strategies – review by ACIP

Having a granted patent does not necessarily mean you will not have to deal with others who attempt to encroach upon your idea.  Competitors can often tread a fine line […]

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