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IP Commercialisation

What to do after filing your patent application?

Baxter IP are patent attorneys (and good ones). What’s more, we can offer unique insights that you might not get from other patent attorneys, because we pride ourselves on being […]

Inventor Attempts to Raise $70,000, Raises $4,700,000

Father and son Cedar and Stuart Anderson, two new Australian inventors, have recently made the most significant innovation in beekeeping since 1852. “Flow”, their new automatic beehive device, allows the […]

Research Collaboration Is A Valuable Option In Accelerating Commercialisation Of Innovation

Collaboration with universities, researchers and industry can be used to shortcut development processes and to effect a synergistic and increased value on the innovation that you create. These collaborations can provide […]

It’s patented now, but can you commercialise it? – Baxter IP

It can be difficult to get your head around the concepts of “patentability” (the ability to patent your invention) and “freedom to operate” (the ability to commercialise your invention).  In […]

Dividing up the cake – thoughts for the inventor

When kicking off a new business to commercialise a new and innovative product or technology, inventors often recognise the value in bringing experienced business partners alongside them. Business partners might […]

Getting your Patent Portfolio Ready for Early Stage Investment

During commercialisation, inventors, start-ups and the like often seek investment by leveraging off their intellectual property. However, whereas investment funding is often required during the early stage commercialisation, the granting […]

Commercialisation and Patent Strategies

Although the inventor finds a valuable and inspirational sense of accomplishment by the creation of a new idea, it is the commercialisation of that invention which completes the overall success.  […]

Patent Attorneys Inspired By Design

Our patent attorneys often work together with industrial designers in preparing thorough patent applications for product related ideas. By working with a brains-trust, including patent attorneys and industrial designers to […]

Term Sheet – Licensing

At Baxter IP we have a number of strategies to help you to commercialise your IP via licensing – and we work closely with clients to formulate their optimum negotiation […]

IP Commercialisation and Spin out Summit 2012

Baxter IP will be presenting in the upcoming IP Commercialisation and Spin out Summit 2012.  Baxter IP will be examining the upcoming patent and trade mark law changes brought by […]

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