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Blockchain Patent Applications On The Rise

blockchain patents


Hot off the press is a listing of PCT patent applications identified using the keyword “blockchain” below.

Looking through the listing, the most obvious point is that almost all of the priority listings are from the United States. This is not surprising, however, given the United States share in geographic investment in Fintech.

A diverse range of companies and individuals are listed as applicants, including companies such as IBM, Apple and the Royal Bank of Canada.

Baxter IP has filed and is involved in preparing various blockchain related patent applications for its clients in fields as diverse as e-health and banking.

Having developed niche knowledge in this growing field, we are well placed to handle any client requirements in relation to software patent applications involving blockchain technologies.

S.No. Publication Number Earliest Priority Date Priority Country Title Applicant Status
1 WO2005096119A1 02-Apr-04 JP Unauthorized contents detection system Matsushita Electric Ind Co Ltd Published
2 WO2007118829A1 18-Apr-06 US Encryption apparatus and method for providing an encrypted file system IBM Published
3 WO2008013287A1 27-Jul-06 JP Terminal device, server device, and content distribution system Matsushita Electric Ind Co Ltd Published
4 WO2009061743A1 05-Nov-07 US System and method for authenticated payment terminal display prompt control Dresser Inc Published
5 WO2010078281A2 31-Dec-08 US Real-time or near real-time streaming Apple Inc Published
6 WO2010088017A1 27-Jan-09 US Digital signal processing block with preadder stage Xilinx Inc Published
7 WO2014182638A2 04-May-13 US Mobile security technology Christopher Decharms Published
8 WO2014188361A2 20-May-13 US Systems and methods enabling consumers to control and monetize their personal data PUÉRTOLAS MONTAÑÉS, José Antonio Published
9 WO2015024129A1 21-Aug-13 US Method to securely establish, affirm, and transfer ownership of artworks Mcconaghy Trent Lorne; Mcconaghy Maria Published
10 WO2015085393A1 13-Dec-13 System and method for rating a transaction history Tang Li Jun; Tang Jia Hao Published
11 WO2015142765A1 17-Mar-14 US Bitcoin host computer system Coinbase Inc Published
12 WO2015148213A1 22-Mar-14 US Caching geolocated offers Retailmenot Inc Published
13 WO2015148725A2 25-Mar-14 US Systems and methods for executing cryptographically secure transactions using voice and natural language processing Meadows Mark Stephen Published
14 WO2015170452A1 08-May-14 US In-car network system, electronic control unit and update processing method Panasonic IP Corp America Published
15 WO2015170453A1 08-May-14 US On-vehicle network system, fraud-detection electronic control unit, and method for tackling fraud Panasonic IP Corp America Published
16 WO2015175722A1 13-May-14 US Healthcare transaction validation via blockchain proof-of-work, systems and methods Nant Holdings IP LLC Published
17 WO2015179020A2 27-Mar-14 US Generalized entity network translation (gent) Ent Technologies INC Published
18 WO2015183901A2 28-May-14 US System and method for marketplace software platform Harris Michael Richards; Magolske Charles Joseph Published
19 WO2016008659A1 17-Jul-14 EP Method and a device for securing access to wallets in which cryptocurrencies are stored Draglet GMBH Published
20 WO2016015041A1 25-Jul-14 US System and method for creating a multi-branched blockchain with configurable protocol rules Blockchain Technologies Corp Published
21 WO2016028497A1 21-Aug-14 US System and method for non-invasive analysis of bodily fluids Naseri Sara; Therkelsen Soren Published
22 WO2016032567A1 25-Aug-14 US Secure electronic storage devices for physical delivery of digital currencies when trading Environmental Financial Products LLC Published
23 WO2016036969A1 03-Sep-14 US Synthetic genomic variant-based secure transaction devices, systems and methods Nantomics LLC; Nant Holdings IP LLC Published
24 WO2016073601A1 04-Nov-14 US Use of computationally generated thermal energy LO3 Energy Inc Published
25 WO2016099334A2 19-Dec-14 RU Method for determining a winning block of requests for inclusion in a block chain in peer-to-peer environments such as bitcoin and novacoin Ermolaev Dmitrii Sergeevich Published
26 WO2016105265A1 22-Dec-14 SE Methods, apparatus and systems for enabling settlement of transactions of cryptographic assets Cryex Group AB Published
27 WO2016112099A1 08-Jan-15 US System and method for differentiating commodities based on environmental impact Eos Climate Inc Published
28 WO2016115620A1 19-Jan-15 US Secure processing of electronic payments Royal Bank Of Canada Published
29 WO2016118207A1 20-Jan-15 US Display pixel by pixel communications for data transfer and multidimensional image generation Westlind Samuel Published
30 WO2016119625A1 30-Jan-15 CN Limited one-way transformation and encryption/decryption application method, device and circuit for gibberish text Nanjing Fawiko Information Technology Co Ltd Published
31 WO2016120826A2 30-Jan-15 US Systems and methods for managing networked commitments of secure entities Maim Enrico Published
32 WO2016122740A1 12-Nov-14 US Manicoding for communication verification Gvili Yaron Published
33 WO2016128491A1 11-Feb-15 EP Validating computer resource usage British Telecommunications Public Limited Company Published
34 WO2016128567A1 13-Feb-15 US Digital identity Yoti Ltd Published
35 WO2016128568A1 13-Feb-15 US Authentication of web content Yoti Ltd Published
36 WO2014145431A1 15-Mar-13 US Risk assessment using social networking data Socure Inc Published
37 WO2015106285A1 13-Jan-14 US Verification method Yago Yaron Edan Published