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Combination of Prior Art In Chemical cases require proof that it is reasonable to combine the documents

Patent Law can be eaten away by intestinal fluke and worm treatments as in the case of Merial Ltd v Norbrook Laboratories Limited [2014] APO 60 (19 August 2014) Pharmaceutical […]

Are Drinks and Liquids Patentable?

In order to obtain a valid patent, the subject matter of a patent application must meet a minimum threshold requirement of being patentable subject matter in the first instance, and […]

Inventors’ Association of Victoria

Not only does BaxterIP meet inventors every day but Warren Chandler of BaxterIP also provides discussion of patent, design and trade mark matters to the Inventors Association of Australia (Victoria […]

Treatment of Human Beings as patentable subject matter has a long and vexed history.

There are reconfirming decisions in the Australian Courts to show clear protection methods in this field.  To understand the position there are two distinct elements to this question – Patentable […]

Flying high with Baxter IP

Baxter IP Melbourne Office helps your projects soar. I am excited to be working in Melbourne as part of the world renowned Sydney based patent attorney firm Baxter IP Patent […]

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