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Building FENCES = Defining PATENTS

In obtaining strong enforceable patents – it is important to define your invention well.  The requirements to fulfil this ground for patentability has substantially increased in Australia following the “Raising […]

FORMULA 1 Is Back To MELBOURNE – is its Intellectual Property protected?

Formula 1 is an intensive technology sport, and the latest engine and chassis rule changes have imposed a whole new set of challenges on the teams.  Surely these new ideas […]

What Are Patents? – BaxterIP Melbourne.

Patents are Agreements with the Public On one side of the agreement, you undertake the great idea of your invention that is not previously known by the public.  In return […]

Commercialisation and Patent Strategies

Although the inventor finds a valuable and inspirational sense of accomplishment by the creation of a new idea, it is the commercialisation of that invention which completes the overall success.  […]

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