International Trademark Applications

How to apply for international trademarks

In order to protect your brand in other countries you have two main options:

  1. File a trademark application in each country of interest
  2. File a Madrid Protocol international trademark application

In order for the filing you make to maintain the original filing date of your Australian trademark application, the filing(s) whether via path 1 or 2, above, must be made within 6 months of the original filing date of your Australian trademark application.

Madrid Protocol international trademark application

A Madrid international trademark application is a simpler and less expensive way of seeking trade mark protection overseas and presents several advantages:

  • Only a single international trademark application is required
  • It is in one language
  • It is filed through the Trade Marks Office of the home country
  • Protection can be sought in one, some or all of the member countries
  • Updates of ownership and renewals can be handled centrally

Direct trademarks vs. Madrid Protocol international trademark application

There are some circumstances where filing a trademark application directly in countries of interest may be a better option than filing a Madrid Protocol international trademark application so it is important to obtain the advice of a trademarks attorney prior to seeking international trademark protection.

About to file an international trademark application?

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