Mike Biagio -
Principal, Patent Attorney


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Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise
Consumer Products
Electrical / Electronics
IP Valuations
Mining / Civil
Patent Enforcement
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Registered Design

I am passionate about technology, and live and breathe it. I enjoy making a difference in the world, and nothing is more satisfying than seeing inventions get off the ground and creating success.

Mike Biagio - Principal, Patent Attorney

As a commercially savvy patent attorney that cares about whether his legal advice matches the commercial reality of his clients, Mike Biagio will spot the potential IP that can add the most commercial value to your business and capture it. Having been involved in industry himself for a number of years, as well as personally taking projects from patent protection, to prototype and manufacture, he has the personal experience to impart a practical understanding of intellectual property and its effect to his clients.

Mike has always been driven by an interest in hard and soft technology and its effect on the world around us. Prior to his career as a patent attorney, he spent several years working as a researcher and as a project engineer helping to design and install a hi-tech gold mine. This has given him a keen understanding of supply chain processes and commercial factors affecting business, which Mike is happy to share with his clients.

As an inventor himself, Mike prides himself on his creativity and engineering design ability, which is part and parcel of the service that Mike provides. In being able to anticipate how competitors could try to design around obstacles, he adds value to the IP protection phase as well as to the ideation phase.

Mike believes that innovation is the cornerstone of social and economic prosperity, and recognises that sustainable commercial opportunities are built on good technological developments. Through investing in client relationships and helping them to cultivate their ideas, he believes that he can contribute to a more dynamic and equitable future.

I enjoy helping people get their business off the ground by integrating my patent attorney experience, creativity, engineering knowledge and business understanding. Mike Biagio, converting sense to dollars

Before joining the team at Baxter IP, Mike spent 15 years honing his craft amongst specialist IP firms in New Zealand and South Africa. Drafting and prosecuting patent applications worldwide, he continuously secured strong commercial opportunities for his clientele in a huge variety of various fields, from weapons systems, robotics and control systems, and software inventions, to mining inventions and medical devices.

Mike is a regular lecturer on IP at universities in Australia, and is involved in mentoring start-ups at a variety of incubator organisations, helping new start-ups get ready for investment.

He has also previously specialised in Intellectual Property valuation in his homeland of South Africa, giving him a “behind the scenes” understanding of where intellectual property value lies and how this value adds to overall business value. Being a patent attorney gives Mike a way to employ both hemispheres of his brain – the creative and the analytical.

Mike’s free time is occupied by spending time with his wife and three kids; a love of rugby, cricket, motorbikes, gym and the great outdoors. He’ll also make sure that barbecues drive the agenda as often as possible when family and friends get together.

Attorney Snapshot

  • Qualified Australian, New Zealand and South African Patent Attorney
  • 18 years’ experience as a patent attorney and IP valuation
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cape Town University
  • Bachelor of Laws from the University of South Africa
  • Admitted attorney of the High Court in South Africa (not practising)
  • Experience as a researcher/project mechanical engineer designing a new goldmine
  • Mentor at incubator organisations, and IP lecturer at Australian universities
  • Very versatile control systems, software and mechanical engineering patent attorney specialist
  • Futurist and inventor